This is a mixed methods study aiming for a deeper understanding into the research supervision experience on psychotherapy and counselling psychology doctoral studies.

The study involves a survey with optional follow-up interviews, addressing questions such as: What is helpful? What is less, or not helpful? What might supervisors learn from supervisees’ experiences of supervision, and vice versa?

The survey is developed by the Metanoia Institute with research funding from the UKCP and input from the BACP and international collaborators to consider 'benchmarks' and improve the doctoral learning experience for counsellors, psychotherapists and counselling psychologists. It will be made available to research supervisors and doctoral students and graduates (present and past supervisees) within and outside the UK. It is an extension of four earlier studies about obstacles and opportunities for therapists in research (Bager-Charleson, du Plock & McBeath 2018; Bager-Charleson, McBeath & du Plock 2019; McBeath, Bager-Charleson & Abarbanel 2019; Bager-Charleson, McBeath, du Plock & Adams 2020).

The project has received ethical approval by the Metanoia Research Ethics Committee.

Thank you for taking part in the survey.

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To discuss general aspects of the study please contact:
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