I am conducting research into how counsellors work with suicidal clients in a person-centred way, with a particular focus on therapeutic exploration of feelings rather than risk assessment. I am also interested in whether and how counsellors experience any tension between the way they work with suicidal clients and the non-directive nature of the person-centred approach.

If this is something that you might be interested in discussing with me, I would love to hear from you.

In order to take part, you will need to:

  • Live in the UK;
  • Be a person-centred counsellor;
  • Meet the BACP requirements to be a registered member;
  • Have been practising for at least five years;
  • Have some experience of working with suicidal clients; and
  • Have had some experience in working in private practice.

For your own well being, you must not:

  • Have had any clients, colleagues, friends, family members, or other personal or professional connections attempt or die by suicide within the last two years, and you must have received psychological support about any such experiences of suicide prior to that;
  • Have personally felt suicidal within the last three years, and you must have received psychological support for any suicidal feelings experienced prior to that; and
  • Have any existing personal or professional relationship with me.

I will carry out one-to-one interviews with participants either at the University of Chester or at locations convenient to the participants. I hope to conduct interviews in June or July 2019. As a last resort, I may be able to interview by Skype or telephone, but in-person interviews are preferred. Interviews are expected to last about 60 minutes.

This research dissertation is for the final year of my MA in Clinical Counselling at the University of Chester.

If you may be interested in taking part, or have any questions about the research, please contact me on 1623637@chester.ac.uk before 31st July 2019 and I will be very happy to discuss it further with you.

Thank you.

Sophie Symons