This interesting and innovative research project is in connection with my final project on the DPsych programme at Metanoia Institute. It focuses on a neglected area of research: therapist retirement - that will benefit from further investigation.

Participation will provide you with an opportunity to reflect, review and acknowledge both your personal and professional achievements and consider how your experience and wisdom can be captured and passed on to less-experienced practitioners, rather than being lost when you retire.

Initial data will be collected by the use of an electronic bulletin board. The process will be fully explained and is as straightforward as sending a text message. In addition, the research process will be enriched by the use of arts-based data collection and exploration. You do not need to have artistic skills to be included as a participant - just a willingness to engage in the creative activities you will be invited to engage with.

To be considered, you should be a therapist aged 60+ and be considering retirement, or have recently retired. The participants are likely to have at least 15 years of clinical experience although this does not exclude practitioners with fewer years of practice.

The project has received ethical approval form Metanoia Institute and Middlesex University.

Please contact me: if you would like a Participant Information Sheet or if you have any further questions.

I look forward to collaborating with you on this research project.
Thank you for your interest and time.

Steven Wells