What therapeutic questions could a client consider in the absence of their person-centred therapist?

This study is part of a research project which has been conducted through Keele University and Sheffield Hallam University. This independent stage of the project is looking at the potential for person-centred therapy clients to make progress on their own. This could be of value if clients are unable to get to see a therapist, or between sessions if contact with a professional is possible.

Who can participate?

Experienced therapists (more than 400hrs) who offer person-centred therapy at least in part.

What do I have to do?

There are 2 short questionnaires to complete electronically.

  • Questionnaire 1 lists 3 items that describe the fully-functioning person. You are simply asked to note any questions which, given your experience, you would consider useful for a client to think about in relation to these aims.
  • Four other person-centred therapists will be sent the same questionnaire focusing on these 3 items only. Once these have been returned, you will be sent the collated results in a second questionnaire to check that you agree with them. 

Each questionnaire should take 10-15 mins.

Are there any benefits to taking part?

  • You’ll receive the list of 79 items defining the ‘fully-functioning’ person from recent research
  • You can test the complete list of questions that are generated in the study with your clients

More information:



Sue Renger - sue@suerenger.co.uk

Thank you.