I am a 5th year MSc student and practitioner on a Person-centred psychotherapy course at Metanoia Institute. I am recruiting participants for my research assignment.

Have you any experience with a client who attends therapy on an irregular basis? This can mean a client who attends therapy a different day each week, attends therapy once every 7-14 days, attends some sessions and misses others etc. 

If you answer yes to the next set of questions, I would like to invite your participation in my research project which aims to explore the experience of therapists’ whose clients attend irregularly.

  • Are you a Person-Centred therapist working privately or in an agency?
  • Do you have regular supervision and therapy?
  • Do you currently or previously have experience of a client who attended therapy on an irregular basis?
  • Would you be happy to attend a face to face interview (or skype) for approx. 60 mins?

If you are interested in participating and would like further information about the research, then please email me, Soni Brar at:

Thank you very much for reading. Your participation is very much appreciated. I look forward to hearing from you.