My name is Suz Gregory I am a MA Counselling student at York St John’s University. This research is part of my MA in Counselling. I am seeking participants for a research study exploring ‘Does a counsellors cultural background contribute to the use of felt sense and how does this impact the therapeutic relationship in humanistic counselling?’

Project description:

You will participate in a semi-structured online interview, at a convenient time for you. The interview will take approximately 30 - 60 minutes. The interview will use an appropriate online platform Teams. To assist the research the interview will be audio/video recorded.

For the purposes of clarifying the nature of this research the following description of felt sense will be used:
The felt sense is a process in which you make contact with a special kind of internal bodily awareness.’ (Gendlin, 1981 p.23)

Participants should be able to identify themselves as having experienced felt sense. I welcome participants from diverse cultural backgrounds. For the purposes of this research ‘qualified’ refers to those who are registered BACP members, and who have therefore completed a minimum of a BACP accredited training course. In conjunction with these requirements all participants will be registered members of BACP.

If this is something that would interest you and you wish to take part, please email via

Thank you