I am currently studying for a BA Hons in Counselling at Peter Symonds College. This research empirically considers the changing environments over the last two years and the potential impact this has had on our experience of supervision and our supervisory alliances. Supervision is an essential ethical requirement to support our professional practice. The supervisory alliance has long been identified as being at the heart of supervision. There is a plethora of research proposing the many factors affecting this alliance. However, there is a shortage of research exploring how the current changing milieu may have affected that alliance.

This research aims to explore whether any change that has occurred is because of; the testing of our resilience due to the Covid-19 pandemic, whether an online disinhibition effect has emerged in supervisory relationships, or a combination of both or whether something else has created an opportunity for change. Data will be obtained qualitatively using a semi-structured interview to be transcribed; the experiences will be interpreted via IPA.

The inclusion criteria are Experienced practitioners who are also Supervisors with a minimum of 5 years of supervisory experience, ideally with online specific training.

Participation will be in the form of a 20-minute Interview with some questions over zoom. This is to be recorded and later transcribed.

This research will be conducted following Peter Symonds and University of Middlesex guidelines, the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, and their published Ethical Guidelines for Research. For GDPR purposes, a copy of Zoom’s data processing agreement will be provided. Signing a Consent form and one-way disclosure agreement will be required before the commencement of the interview. All data collected will be treated in the strictest of confidence, and no names are requested. Any potentially identifying material will be suitably anonymised in the research dissertation and any possible future publications arising out of this research.

Participation is not anticipated to create any adverse reaction greater than those involved in your daily life. However, there will be an opportunity to reflect and debrief at the end of the interview on any thoughts or feelings which may have arisen because of your participation. It is recognised that the researcher cannot control the safety and confidentiality of the participant’s environment if this is to be regulated by the participant. Participants who feel medical conditions may be affected by being interviewed over Zoom should make the researcher aware so that the risk assessment can be updated.

The benefit of participating is an opportunity to reflect on your supervisory relationships and contribute to the database of empirical research in this area to increase our understanding of supervision experiences by exploring the supervisory alliance and what can influence it in changing environments. It cannot be guaranteed that you will personally benefit from this.

Should you wish to discuss the research project or the interview, or have any concerns or complaints arising from this, please do not hesitate to contact either myself, by email tgower21a@students.psc.ac.uk, or my supervisor Olivia Hoines, the BA tutor at ohoines@psc.co.uk or on 01962 886166, or the BACP on 01455 883300.

Thank you