I am conducting research as part of my MA in Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy at the University of Roehampton. My research focuses on the perceptions held by counsellors and psychotherapists about the menopausal transition, and their experience of working with clients going through it.

Menopausal transition describes the period leading up to the menopause (amenorrhea for 12 consecutive months). It can last anywhere from a few months to over a decade.

Although there is research on the experience of women during this period in their lives, there appears to be no research from the perspective of the counsellors or psychotherapists who work with them at the time.

The aim of this study is to explore practitioners’ approaches to and experiences of working with these clients with a view to contributing to the discourse in the area, informing future research and identifying resources that could support practitioners in their work.

If you have worked with women going through the menopausal transition, and are a qualified practitioner registered with BACP (at least 3 years post-qualification) I would really like to hear from you.

Interviews will be one-to-one and take approximately one hour in a mutually convenient location.

The research process will be kept confidential, data will be anonymised and kept securely in line with the University’s Data Protection Policy.

My research has been ethically approved by the University of Roehampton and as a member of the BACP I am committed to working in accordance with their Ethical Framework and Ethical Guidelines for Research.

If you are able to help me with my study or would like to have a chat to discuss it further then please email me, Thalia Perry, at perryt@roehampton.ac.uk.

I appreciate your consideration.

Many thanks