As a trainee therapist with a diagnosis of ADHD myself, I am looking for trainee therapist practitioners with a diagnosis of ADHD/ADD to take part in one to one interviews.

The interviews are being conducted for a dissertation for my Master’s degree in Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy at the University of Roehampton.

The project is an Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis of how ADHD/ADD therapists experience their condition in the context of their client work, exploring both positive and negative aspects.

One semi-structured interview of 90 minutes will take place with the researcher and the interview will be audio recorded and transcribed for analysis of themes emerging. Interviews will take place in a private room on the campus of the University of Roehampton if practical. Alternatively an interview could be conducted at your therapy room.

Interviews need to be conducted by 29 March 2019. If you fit the criteria above and would be interested in taking part please contact me via email at:

Kind regards
Valerie Teller