I am looking for qualified counsellors who have experience of working with clients (aged 18 and over) with eating disorders, currently or in the past, who would be willing to be interviewed about their experiences of working with this client group.

I would hope that we could engage in an interesting discussion about this, with a shared interest in this group of clients. With your consent, the interview will be audio recorded and transcribed for qualitative analysis. Your information will be anonymised and kept private. This research project has been given ethical approval by the University of Greenwich ethics panel and will be conducted in accordance with BACP ethical guidelines.

I am a third year student studying an MSc Therapeutic Counselling at the University of Greenwich. I have extensive experience of working with individuals with eating disorders as my nursing specialism. I have experienced and witnessed how working with this client group has impacted nurses. I have found a lack of evidence about what is evoked in counsellors working with this client group and I am interested to know more about the experience of counsellors.

This project: What are counsellors’ experiences of working with individuals with eating disorders? aims to gain insight into individual experiences of counsellors’ work with clients with eating disorders and what has been evoked in them. I hope that completing this research will provide some interesting considerations for the future counselling practice.

Please forward this information to anyone you think might be interested in this research.

For more information please email me on: vf5247y@gre.ac.uk.

I look forward to hearing from you.
Victoria Fryer