Do you know a divorced or separated dad (from within your friendship rather than client group) in the London or South East area?

Help required

If you do and they meet the below criteria I'd be eternally grateful if you could have a chat with them to see if they're happy to participate in my research project. I've got lots more info to provide you or them to help with the decision and if you get in touch with me I'll give you a call or message to discuss next steps.

Research project focus

I'm looking at exploring the emotional journey experienced by fathers who were actively involved fathers within marriage but since the separation or divorce have unfortunately been restricted to fathering from the sidelines. The aim is to gain greater insight into their journey to enhance therapeutic interventions.

Participant criteria

  1. have been separated or divorced between 2 and 5 years,
  2. do not live with their children anymore or have not gained residency of their children,
  3. were actively involved fathers before the separation or divorce but struggle to maintain this now, and
  4. have children under the age of 15 years.

Participants will be assured of anonymity and confidentiality. Please contact Victoria Riches at


Victoria Riches