Ethical decision making is an essential part of everyday practice, but it can be complicated. Rarely is there a clear cut answer and it helps to document the steps you take in reaching your decision.

Developed from the Good Practice in Action resource on ethical decision making (GPiA 044), this simplified infographic is a useful guide when working through an ethical dilemma. It also features questions for you to consider at each stage of the process.

You don’t have to follow the steps in the order shown, for example you may need to check for personal impact at the start of the process, as well as at several stages throughout.

The model works well as a tool to use in supervision to unpick a dilemma and decide on a course of action. You may also want to work through some of the steps before contacting our ethics services, as this will help us provide the information you require.

If you would like an A5 hard copy of the infographic, please email with your name, membership number and address.