Trainee & Qualified  Counsellors/ Psychotherapists are invited to attend our March 2018  meeting. 

 Richard (David) Goodall will lead an experiential workshop on;

'Masculinity in crisis, What crisis?'

How does masculinity impact on your life now and what impact has it had?  Did you receive the Fathering you wanted? 

This is an experiential workshop on your experiences of the men in your life facilitated by our member, Richard (David) Goodall.  Richard aims to create a world of passion and authenticity by being awake, alive and in his heart.  He is a Person Centred Counsellor, Power of Clearing Life Coach & Therapeutic Gardener.

There will an opportunity during a break to network and make connections with colleagues.

This meeting will finish at 12:00

The meeting facilitator is: Sarah Taylor 


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