Professional Development Day: Making Anger Your Friend - Cardiff, 23 January 2017

What does anger mean to you?

Anger is a symptom, a door into long term therapy for some clients – focusing on the causes - and a shorter term psycho-education for others – focusing on behaviours.

Anger has a bad reputation, we can feel anger, then feel shame about anger then the shame drives more anger. It is an inexorable cycle.  In anger we can suffer a sense of aloneness – “it is only me that has a problem, in fact I am the problem” – yet anger is in our humanity. Not to experience it is not to be truly alive.  Thus the idea “IT IS OK TO BE ANGRY” can be transformational.

To live our life to the full we must embrace and regulate the force and vitality of anger.  Our challenge and opportunity is to accept it, to engage with it and only through this can we be fully in charge of ourselves.

The aim of this PDD is to introduce the following ideas, and to use these as the basis for growing a different relationship with anger - your own and that of others:

1.       Anger is a symptom

2.       We can change our relationship with anger rather than try and get rid of it

3.       Anger is information about our perception of the world and the meanings we create

4.       Through regulation we can reduce anger’s intensity and start changing behaviours

5.       It is OK to be angry

Through changing our relationship with anger we slowly start to explore ourselves, to reveal who we really are and how we are in the world.

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of the PDD, you will be able to:

1.    Understand what anger is and where it comes from

2.    Identify warning signals

3.    Recognise  the different styles of expressing anger

4.    Recognise the two types of anger

5.    Use simple techniques for dealing with day to day anger

6.    Begin to understand how we create much anger through meaning.

This PDD will be relevant to:

Any, especially those who are uncomfortable working with anger in themselves and their clients

Presenter biography:

David is a psychotherapist and one of the UK’s leading Anger Specialists. He has appeared regularly on the Nick Ferrari Show and on the BBC as well as Channel 4’s Embarrassing Bodies". He is frequently interviewed about the anger issues of people such as Hugh Grant, Joey Barton (Talk Sport), Andy Murray (Sky News) and Luis Suarez' biting incident at the World Cup.

Previously he consulted for many music industry companies at the highest level. He has experience as a residential social worker and was for many years a Board member of the Alone In London Service homelessness charity (ALS).