Private Practice Network Meeting - Nottingham, 20 May 2017

Trainee & Qualified Counsellors/Psychotherapists wherever you live, are all invited to attend our May 2017 meeting.

The meeting will start at 9.45 and finish around 12.00.

The meeting facilitator is: Sarah Taylor 

Attendees are invited to arrive from 9.45am and encouraged to network whilst enjoying light refreshments.

At this meeting we will be joined by Caroline Brazier - a psychotherapist and course leader at Tariki Trust, Narborough. She is the author of seven books on Buddhism and psychotherapy including Buddhist Psychology (Constable Robinson 2003) and *Other-Centred Therapy* (O-Books 2009). Her most recent book *Ecotherapy in Practice* will be published by Routledge this summer.

Caroline will be giving us a presentation on *Buddhist Psychology and Other-Centred Approach*

Here is a glimpse of what you can expect.

Whilst mindfulness has become increasingly popular over recent years, most counsellors and therapists are not aware of the rich tradition of Buddhist psychology and methodology from which it derives. Buddhist psychology is

particularly interested in the ways in which our existential anxieties fuel a process of identity building based on distortions of perception and

habits of behaviour. These are rooted in historic conditions, namely karmic patterns, and tend to have a limiting effect on the psyche.

According to Buddhist psychology we are all trapped in various states of delusion, and the route to mental health comes through recognising and letting go conditioned patterns of view, thought and action. In this way Buddhist psychology offers a fascinating field which spans territory covered by both psychodynamic and cognitive behavioural approaches. It explains psychological problems in terms of disconnection from others and unhealthy preoccupation with personal perspectives, and hence its methodology is one of reconnection with the reality of otherness.

Other-centred therapy integrates these insights in a practical approach to counselling and psychotherapy based on a relational and systemic view of human psychology.

The meeting will end at 12 noon.