Coaching specific client groups, identifying your niche and marketing your offer effectively. - London, 22 January 2018

Coaching specific client groups, identifying your niche and marketing your offer effectively - London

We are excited to invite you to a day focused on enabling you to develop your coaching practice, whether you are an existing coach with a therapeutic background, a therapist or counsellor wishing to coach, or a coach who is developing their therapeutic skills.

Coaching can have a particular appeal to different client groups, enabling them to raise their self-awareness, identify choices, build on their strengths and reach their potential.

This day will provide an opportunity for coaches to explore how they can develop their existing therapeutic skills to work with a broader range of client groups, in different contexts and grow their practice.

We will hear from coaches who are coaching young people, couples, the LGBTQ community, with mental health, unpaid carers and executives, and leaders in organisations.  Each presenter will share their own experience of building and marketing their practice. They will provide illustrations in the form of case studies or tools and share how they ensure that they are working ethically and with the right kind of supervisory support.

Participants will also have an opportunity to experience being part of a collective reflective coaching process throughout the day. A session facilitated by a coach and supervisor who uses therapeutic writing approaches will enable reflection on current practice and areas for growth. Later in the day an artist and coach will lead an interactive session using creativity to explore professional identity, to identify an authentic voice and communicate the coaching offer.  We will end with a short session to enable participants to identify the next steps to growing their coaching practice.