OsteoMAP: An Innovative Approach to Working with Persistent Pain

A brief exploration of the principles and practice underpinning University College of Osteopathy’s Osteopathy, Mindfulness and Acceptance Program for Persistent Pain

What will you gain?

  • A review of the basic components of Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT) and the essential elements and rationale of the OsteoMAP program
  • An insight into how mindfulness practices and the therapeutic stance associated with ACT can help those living with persistent pain develop psychological flexibility and coping skills

A range of simple tools that can be helpful for us all when it comes to making space for struggle – however that might manifest 

Soran David is the Leader for the core ‘Being an Osteopath’ Unit on the integrated undergraduate masters program at University College of Osteopathy. She works in private practice in South East London, is a is soon to be certified as a Breathworks teacher Breathworks Mindfulness Teacher and the founder of Mainspring Creative Health and Wellbeing http://mainspring.org.uk/about/

Over many years of practice Soran has seen how a healthy relationship with our bodies and our physical potential can have a profound effect on our sense of wellbeing. When this is absent or challenged, quality of life can be significantly impaired. Creative pursuits and social connections are often side-lined. When people are offered the chance to develop confidence in their bodies, to restore, to engage socially and creatively with others and the world at large, the positive effects can be huge.


Date: 7 December 2020

Time: 3 pm - 4:30 pm

Facilitator: Michèle Down, michele.down@btopenworld.com