Our 2019 Private Practice conference takes place on Saturday 28 September in London. This year’s theme is ‘mind or body: what’s in charge?’


We’re excited to welcome two keynote speakers, Diane Danzebrink whose presentation will be about understanding menopause, and Alessandra Lemma who will give a presentation titled ‘Under the skin: body modification and its psychic functions’.


The conference is tailored for therapists and supervisors working in private practice. You can attend two workshops from a varied programme of topics, including:


  • eating disorders
  • neuroscience
  • the influence of social media on body image
  • insomnia
  • the cosmetic industry and therapy
  • a personal account of living with a degenerative condition by a Para Dressage athlete
  • a presentation from the Body Dysmorphia Foundation


Venue: ETC Venues St Pauls,  St Paul's, London, EC1A 4HD


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