Yorkshire and North East Network Meeting – Spirituality

Our wish is to create a safe and informal space to share learning, pose questions, and address ethical and practice-based issues. If you work with spirituality (in whatever way) or have ever questioned how you could do so in your practice, then do come along and join us.

Emma Fleming has kindly offered to share with us her experiences as a spiritual person working with trauma. Emma writes:

I hold an MA in Counselling & Psychotherapy from the University of Leeds and have studied and practised Tibetan Buddhism for almost 20 years. I have worked as a counsellor for NHS hospital staff in Barnsley and at a women's charity in Leeds and have had many clients that have mentioned faith in sessions. I would like to share some of my experiences and explore, as a group, how we feel about working with faith/belief/spirituality in the therapeutic space.

The meeting will take place by Zoom, although in future we hope to host some face-to-face meetings too.

For further information please contact: Lynne Dowson on lynne@serenityworks.co.uk