Our 2021 Research Conference ‘Promoting collaboration in research, policy and practice’ will take place on Saturday 15 May 2021 with co-hosts The University of Salford. 


We’ll be joined by two keynote speakers. Michael Barkham will present ‘The results of the PRaCTICED trial and implications for person-centred experiential therapy’, and Mick Cooper will present ‘“What’s a nice existential boy doing running an RCT?” Lessons from the ETHOS trial of school-based humanistic counselling.' 

This event will take place online with 23 presentations delivered across three strands, you’ll also be joined by a range of presenters for live question and answer sessions where you’ll have the opportunity to ask presenters questions based on their presentation submitted through our online chatroom. 

Along with presentations on research collaborations and partnerships, you’ll hear about up to date research on the impact of COVID-19 in the counselling professions, remote working, school-based counselling, resilience and student mental health, among a wide range of topics.

You’ll also have access to research forums and a pre-conference workshop on 14 May 2021, along with live workshops  and a conference poster exhibition.

There’s an on-demand service available to catch-up on anything you miss during the online event.

The full programme will be available online shortly.


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