This online workshop will aim to widen your knowledge around risk, both suicidal ideation and self-harm, and help you work safely, ethically and more confidently with clients who present with risk.

This workshop will provide practical tools that therapists can use with adults and young people to manage risk safely and effectively, through presentation and individual exercises.

About the presenter

Katherine Caffrey: from a background in secondary education Kath retrained to be a qualified counsellor, and in addition a clinical supervisor. She gained experience working as a counsellor for many years in a high school in Cheshire and at Liverpool University counselling service. In both environments she worked with a range of presentations often including suicidal ideation and self-harm. She also works for the Charlie Waller Memorial Trust as a trainer improving mental health provision in schools and colleges. She went on to develop and provide training for well-being, working with suicide and risk, and specialised training for counsellors who want to work with children.

The main aims of the PDD

  • Understand our own experience and beliefs around suicide and self-harm and raise awareness of the law, and the facts and figures around suicide
  • Understand risk assessment – the importance of asking the right questions in the right way
  • Breaking confidentiality – be more confident in when and how
  • Safety plans: look at the benefits and potential pitfalls of safety planning
  • Self-care of the therapist when working with risk

By the end of the PDD, participants will be able to

  1. Work more confidently with different forms of risk
  2. Be more confident in assessing risk
  3. Know how and when to break confidentiality when a client is at risk
  4. Understand how and when to create a safety plan with a client
  5. Recognise the need for self-care of the therapist


This workshop is split into three 45 minute sessions and each will be followed by a live Q&A session with Kath. The first session will begin at 9.30am and the event will finish 1.00pm with an extended Q&A session.

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This PDD is relevant to

All counsellors and psychotherapists who are currently working with clients who may present with suicidal ideation or self-harm. This course is about practical ways of working with this client group and looking after both the client and therapist.


Please book your place online. If you book, you will receive information on how to join the live event a couple of days before.