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Jack Jackson shares his experience of transitioning with a new employer and the challenges of working as a therapist while transitioning within an organisation and with colleagues and clients.

Karen Pollock speaks as a counsellor and trainer who has experience of working with clients journeying through transitions and helping workplace counsellors reflect on their own practice, assumptions and prejudice in order to see the person and how to be fully present in the therapy room. 

Joanne Lockwood speaks about her work with HR and leaders in organisations to awaken awareness, best practice and allyship.

Topics explored include use of language, experiences of being misgendered, assumptions around gender stereotypes, heteronormative assumptions in the workplace including the dynamics of power and control.

Focus is given to co-creating a space for sharing vulnerability as counsellors and acknowledging any fears we may have in being good enough to work well in this area. Building on recognising core skills and challenging personal development in this area.

This event aims to

  • create a forum to learn and start to better understand the broad issues which impact trans and gender diverse individuals in the process of transitioning within the workplace setting.
  • understand from several perspectives of learnt and lived experience, which factors might support therapists’ awareness from a workplace setting focus.
  • access a space for therapists to explore their own practice and identify knowledge gaps and transferable skills for working with clients and being fully present in the counselling room.
  • feel more informed and supported to work better with, and be committed to understanding, what it means to be transgender or non-binary.
  • empower and encourage therapists to build upon their existing skills, develop more confidence to move forward with further CPD to improve their inclusivity.

Learning outcomes

  • better understand client issues of self-disclosure, embodied presence and holding in the therapeutic alliance during the transitioning process
  • hear from a therapist’s experience of working with transgender and non-binary clients
  • feel more informed and supported to work better with workplace referrals and be committed to understanding more about what it means to be transgender or non-binary.
  • know some key terms of reference when working with this client group.
  • empower and encourage therapists to feel confidence to move forward with further CPD for working with this client group.


The event has now finished and the recordings are available to those booked on. The on-demand access will be available for 3 months after the event expiring on Thursday 25 August.