The education sector in universities and colleges has adapted swiftly to meet the needs of students and staff during the last year. This has required counsellors to work with their clients remotely and help them to cope with change, loss and the impact of a loss of liberty. All of this while being subject to the same privations themselves. This is an opportunity to think, and celebrate our response with an eye to the future and what we might need to bring to our institutes and clients in helping them to rebuild a sense of identity.

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  • to explore impact of Covid on individuals and services
  • to explore health inequalities arising from the changes during the pandemic
  • to focus on the challenges and positives of online working
  • to identify future challenges in meeting the needs of students and staff in the coming years

Learning Outcomes

  • identify challenges facing the sector and prepare to adapt for these
  • explore health inequalities and how these can impact on student mental health
  • identify the skills and development needs for counsellors to carry on working remotely
  • develop skills to work with the potential aftermath faced by students and staff post coronavirus

About the sessions

How are we doing 18+ months into COVID-19?

Hisham Ziauddeen acknowledges the reality of the world we've been living in for the last 18+ months and the impact it has had on us. He describes some important aspects of how we are suffering, try to make some sense of how we are being affected, and what our challenges and options for the future might be.

Hisham Ziauddeen is a consultant psychiatrist in the CAMEO Early Intervention service in CPFT and a Senior Research Associate at the Dept. of Psychiatry at the University of Cambridge. His clinical work and research are both focused on psychosis. His current research is examining the role of interoception in psychosis (led by Ms Farah Hina) and psychosis in borderline personality (led by Mx Charley Peitzmeier). He is also the University Wellbeing and Disability Champion and is very keen on improving working culture. Apart from this he dabbles in medical education, science communication and stand up comedy.

Covid-19 and the nation’s mental health

Andy Bell examines the evidence so far about the mental health impacts of the pandemic in the UK, what this means for mental health services, and how we can take steps now to support wellbeing and recovery.

Andy Bell is Deputy Chief Executive of Centre for Mental Health, an independent not-for-profit organisation dedicated to eradicating mental health inequalities. The Centre’s research seeks to change policy and practice through high quality evidence and analysis. The Centre also hosts the Children and Young People’s Mental Health Coalition.


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