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Have you wondered about how best to recognise and validate the presence and importance of spirituality in your therapeutic practice? Perhaps you are keen to develop ways of working with spiritualities within the wider landscape of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion? Many practitioners (and their clients) are aware that ‘spirituality’ is present in their therapeutic encounters. However, they are often unsure of how best to interpret and respond to its presence in the service of the best interests of their clients.

This Working with Soul event offers you ways to devise a trellis for spirituality within your therapeutic practice. A trellis offers an open style framework on which to trail and support living shoots. Varied in pattern and versatile in setting, a trellis can connect and complement other structures.

The presentations, workshops and discussions offer resources for working with spirituality in therapeutic and supervisory practice. We considered how to create a trellis for spirituality that is versatile, diverse and supportive of ethical practice.


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This event aimed to

  • Appreciate the importance of developing a trellis for spirituality in life and therapeutic practice
  • Develop capacity, confidence and competence in working with spirituality in therapeutic practice.
  • Identify ways of exploring and responding to spiritual issues with clients when they present them.
  • Develop understanding of how spirituality can be integrated effectively and ethically into therapeutic practice.
  • Recognise how a client’s spiritual resources may be of support to their well-being and recovery.

Learning outcomes

  • Increased knowledge of working with spiritualities in therapeutic practice
  • Increased confidence in integrating spiritualities into different aspects of therapeutic practice e.g. reflective practice, supervision, energy based work, trauma and loss.
  • Increased competence in working with the difference and complementarity of spiritualities within the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion agenda.

Who is this for?

The event will have particular relevance for members of BACP Spirituality Division and those working in chaplaincy, pastoral care and pastoral supervision settings, but is open to all members of BACP and to non-members. 


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