Changes to the world of work have been accelerated by COVID-19 with consequences for the wellbeing of the UK workforce.

This online event addresses some the following questions for practitioners that work with employees, employers and EAPs: How do we help our clients to navigate new boundaries between home and work? What are the risks of digital burnout and how can we mitigate against this? How has COVID-19 impacted organisations and employee relations at work? Why has COVID-19 brought new client groups and hard to reach clients to counselling and how can we best meet their needs?

The main aims of this event is to

  • be aware of the latest trends and patterns in the mental health of the UK workforce because of COVID-19
  • gain practical skills to support clients to respond to the changing demands of their workplace
  • identify symptoms of burnout in the context of the pandemic
  • understand the role of the practitioner and our own responses to our clients, employers and the pandemic
  • share learning and experiences of working with the workforce during a year of the pandemic

By the end of this event, you should have

  • connected with a community of practitioners working with the UK workforce to sustain our practice
  • a better understanding of our responsibility to the client when the workplace context is ‘the problem’
  • increased confidence in working with workplace clients from traditionally hard to reach groups accessing counselling via their workplace
  • more efficiency in identifying workplace problems/wounds from burnout and having a plan of action


This event is split into three 45 minute sessions and each is followed by a live Q&A session with the presenters following their sessions. 

The full programme will be added shortly.

This event is relevant to

All practitioners working with employees, employers and EAPs and who are interested in supporting better mental health at work.   


Please book your place online. If you book, you will receive information on how to join the live event a couple of days before.