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This event aimed to enable CYP&F counselling practitioners to consider how they best approach and engage with children and young people’s online lives as part of everyday practice. We heard from leading experts in the field of online safety deliver key messages about how those working in the counselling profession can help to keep children and young people who are vulnerable to online harms as safe as possible.

BACP’s Children, Young People’s and Families Lead, Jo Holmes, is a member of the UK Council for Internet Safety working group developing resources and training opportunities to support professionals working with children and young people. Jo and the chair of the group, Claire Levens, will hosted this event highlighting good practice considerations.

The agenda recognises and explores the unique role of counselling in enabling conversations about difficult issues that, when had with other trusted adults, often result in the child or young person feeling judged, misunderstood or in the wrong.


Workshops presenters included Dr Peter Buzzi, a leading psychotherapist and consultant in the world of online safety,  introducing a framework of resilience and risk alongside practical tools for ongoing assessment linked to children and young people’s online lives.

Mo Wiltshire, Education and Safeguarding Lead at Stonewall, focusing on LGBTQ+ inclusion and why it matters.  

Carmel Glassbrook from South West Grid for Learning sharing trends, free resources and support available for professionals working with children and young people to keep them safe online

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This event aimed to

  • increase your knowledge base of the benefits and harms of children and young people’s online lives, linked to the latest research and evidence-based practice, delivered by leading experts in the field of online safety
  • recognise and value the importance of children and young people’s online lives, asking inclusive meaningful questions that engage with the child’s frame of reference, whilst safeguarding risks in the digital world
  • understand the emotional attachment experienced by groups of vulnerable children and young people regarding their online lives
  • take away top tips and considerations relevant to your practice, including the latest (free) online safety resources when working with children and young people
  • consider the link between mental health and children and young people’s online lives

Learning outcomes

  • recognise that some groups of young people, including LGBTQ+, those with special educational needs and care experienced children and young people are more at risk of online harms than others
  • consider how to introduce and acknowledge the importance of online lives into assessment criteria
  • learn how to have ‘difficult conversations’ relating to online lives by asking questions that are inclusive, child-centred and judgement-free
  • understand how to address more of the child’s needs by understanding the opportunities and risks their online life contains
  • develop practical strategies to work with the online risk children and young people encounter in their everyday lives.

Who is this for?

The event is aimed at BACP members working with children and young people in a full range of settings.

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