When words are not enough, using creative approaches to therapy. Saturday 25 September 2021

You are invited to join BACP’s 2021 Private Practice conference, When words are not enough, using creative approaches to therapy taking place online on Saturday 25 September 2021. This online event will be hosting two keynote speakers and seven workshops all on the theme of creativity.

The past year has been an incredibly challenging, a common phrase used in the therapy room has been“ I have no words for this”. Often, words alone are not enough, to describe emotions and experiences in depth. Creativity can provide a different dimension to work as a form of expression, release and as a space for healing and growth.   

And during Covid-19 Pandemic, it's been interesting to see how creativity has increasingly become the 'Go-to' resource whether it has been listening to music, writing poetry, nature trails, cooking, drawing, painting, colouring, dancing, singing ….. the list is endless.

Noticing how people are embracing creativity in their lives,  the Private Practice Executive Committee wanted to explore how it can play a part in therapy work to offer another aspect of reflection and development.