Join us to delve into the shifts in how we understand and address mental health and cognition. We explore the journey from traditional 'neurotypical' perspectives to embracing neurodiversity, exploring the full spectrum of neurological differences.

In the context of workplace therapy, we'll examine real-world applications and case studies, offering valuable insights and connections. Our team of experts will share practical tools and engage in storytelling, all aimed at creating a more inclusive workspace.

This is an opportunity to navigate the intricacies of mental health and cognition within the workplace, fostering inclusivity and supporting diverse cognitive experiences. Join us in shaping the future of mental health and therapy.


This online event will begin at 9.30am on Tuesday 23 January 2024 and conclude at approximately 1.00pm. 

View the event programme and information about our presenters.

Event aims 

  • Increasing awareness and confidence for practitioner working with neurodivergent employee within the workplace
  • Providing practitioner with psych-ed to support practice and professional development
  • Challenge practitioner own understand and perspective to recognise and identify, assumptions, preconceptions and bias
  • To assist practitioner in the workplace, to work competently, proficiency, ethics and within best practice
  • Help practitioner to understand relevant legislation and the need for reasonable adjustment, both in the workplace and in their practice. 
  • Providing networking opportunity for workplace practitioner

Learning outcomes

  • To support workplace practitioners in their understanding of policy, legal obligations and best practice
  • Equipping practitioners to feel more confident in creating a more inclusive therapeutic environment within the workplace 
  • Supporting practitioners to work within their proficiency, knowing their responsibilities and  knowing when and how to appropriately signpost 
  • Case studies and insights to help workplace practitioners grow in their understanding of some of the issues faced by a neurodivergent employee
  • To increase understanding and increase inclusivity of practitioner by sharing myth debunking and helpful tips

Who is this for?

This event is aimed at a wide range of members and non-members and not just practitioners who are members of the Workplace division. The event will benefit counsellors and practitioners working in a variety of settings and is suitable for student members.


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On-demand booking

After the event has finished you'll have access to the on-demand service for 3 months until Tuesday 23 April 2024.