How to apply

Please download and complete the application form below. You'll need to refer frequently to the accreditation guide when completing the form.

We’ve recently changed our application form. If you’ve already started your application using our previous two form template, we will still accept it. The requirements, including all criteria, are the same - we've just updated the format based on member feedback and made the form easier to complete.

You can email your completed application to

Individual accreditation application form (doc 0.2MB)

Individual accreditation supervisor report (doc 0.1MB)

It requires a lot of time and thought to complete an application, but we have several resources to help you.

Accreditation application guide (docx 160KB)

Accreditation application guide criterion 6

Accreditation application guide criterion 7

Accreditation application guide criterion 8

Accreditation application guide criterion 9


If you have any questions about how to complete your application form, please speak to the accreditation team.

If you need more in-depth advice about your reflective practice criteria or assessment deferral report, you can book a 30 minute, one-to-one telesurgery with an assessor. These sessions offer an opportunity to discuss the ‘what and why’ behind a criterion and provide further guidance on what you need to consider when putting your submission or resubmission together. We usually offer 16 telesurgery slots each month which book up very quickly. Each session costs £25.

To speak to the accreditation team, or to book a telesurgery, please call 01455 883300 and ask for accreditation.

Guide to telesurgeries (pdf 0.2MB)


  • Standard application submission fee: £230
  • Reduced-rate application submission fee: £115

If you pay a reduced membership fee, you're entitled to a reduced rate on your accreditation application. This only applies to your initial application.

If you have a disability and require additional support to complete your application, you can apply for a fee reduction of £45. Please email explaining what support you will need. You must claim the reduction before you pay your application fee.

Accreditation process and outcomes

It takes us around four to five months to check and assess an accreditation application.

When we receive your application, we'll email you to confirm it's arrived. We'll check to make sure you meet the eligibility criteria and have completed the application correctly. We'll contact you if we have any queries.

If everything is ok, we'll send your application to one of our professional assessors. They will complete a report and we'll write to you with their decision.

Your application may be:

  • Successful
    This means you'll become Registered Member MBACP (Accred). You’ll be able to download a certificate and authentication letter from your member area on this website. Your personalised logo, directory listing and Register entry will automatically update with your new membership status.
  • Deferred
    This means you've not met all the criteria in full and should make a resubmission. We'll send you a detailed assessment report explaining which criteria you didn’t meet and what you need to do to meet the required standard. See our resubmission guide (below) for more information on how to resubmit your application.
  • Unsuccessful
    This means that you have not shown us that you meet the standard at this time. You will not be able to reapply for 12 months, which will give you time to reflect on your practice, talk with your supervisor and undertake additional CPD if required.


If your application is deferred, you have up to six months to submit additional information and have your application reassessed. You only need to address the criteria which were not met in your application.

Your assessment report will provide all the information you need to make a successful resubmission. You can also download our guide below:

Guide to making a resubmission (pdf 0.1MB)

You should email us your additional information together with the completed cover sheet, sent with your deferral email or available below.

Resubmission cover sheet (doc 84KB)

If you don't make a resubmission within six months, we'll consider your application unsuccessful. You can reapply for accreditation at any time, but you'll have to complete a new application in full.

If your resubmission still does not meet all the criteria in full, your application will be unsuccessful. We'll send you a further assessment report explaining the reasons for our decision.


If your application is unsuccessful, you can appeal if you think that either:

  • the assessment procedure has not been followed correctly


  • your application has not been fairly and properly assessed against the published criteria

Disagreeing with the assessor’s decision or wishing to submit new information are not grounds for appeal.

The fee for an appeal is £195.

You must send your appeal in writing to the Lead Accreditation Assessor within two months of receiving our decision. You should give the grounds for your appeal (either 1 and 2 above), and you can include up to 600 words commenting on your application or the assessment report. We cannot accept letters or additional information from third parties, such as your supervisor or line manager.

Your appeal will be assessed by an appeal panel. Their decision is final and we will send you a copy of their report.

If the appeal panel agrees with your appeal, it does not necessarily mean you will become accredited. This will depend on what your appeal was about and what their findings were.

If they reject your appeal, you cannot reapply for accreditation for 12 months. If you reapply, we will treat it as an entirely new application, but please tell us about your previous submission and appeal on the application form.