This accreditation workshop was delivered by BACP accreditation assessors Karen Lloyd and Caroline Jesper in front of a live audience of registered members. Although filmed in 2014, the videos and FAQs still provide useful information and explanation for anyone completing our accreditation application.

Work through the workshop section by section, together with the application pack and guide. This will help you to understand what is required as you complete your own application.



Hello and welcome. My name is Karen and I'm an accreditation assessor for BACP. I'd like to introduce my colleague Caroline and the two of us are going to be taking you through the online resource for accreditation. We will be taking you through the whole process today, completely through the application form, and we're going to start by looking at the eligibility criteria, the routes to entry to the scheme and then we're moving on to look at the reflective practice part, and supervision, your use of supervision and what we need from the proposer’s statement.

So if you have any questions at the end of the presentation, what we would ask you to do, rather than phoning into BACP to ask those questions, we would ask you to actually email us. We’ve got a lovely team of people in the office who can support you and the contact details are on there, so just email us at, we can respond to those as soon as possible.

We're going to be looking at the objectives of the workshop, the whole accreditation process, we’re going to be covering what is the standard. So, I think that is quite important - what are we actually looking for when we assess your application. I'm going through the eligibility criteria from one to five and then before lunch we're going to start having a look at the reflective practice criteria.

This afternoon we're going to be looking at the rest of the reflective practice criteria and in particular we're going to be having a look at your rationale for your client work because that's one of the key things that when we're assessing we really need to understand what it is you're doing in the counselling room and why you do it. We are also having a look at what case material you might want to use so we're going to be asking you to choose one case to write about, or maybe two shorter cases, and we're going to have a look at the supervisor’s report. We want to understand your use of supervision and we also want to look at the proposer statement and hopefully go away with an action plan today of what you are going to do when you leave here, rather than put the application form back in the drawer and forget about it for another six months.