This section outlines the BACP accreditation application and assessment process. You can apply for accreditation if you provide counselling or psychotherapy to individual people, couples, groups or families and can provide satisfactory evidence to meet all criteria 1 to 9.

Throughout the assessment process you must continue to satisfy the first four criteria, which state that you must:

  • be a registered member of BACP
  • be covered by professional indemnity insurance
  • be currently practising counselling or psychotherapy
  • have undertaken sufficient training and supervised practice to meet either Criterion 4.1 or Criterion 4.2.



Do you make any allowances for people with specific needs such as dyslexia?

We don't make allowances because we're not assessing things like spelling, grammar or style of writing. We're just looking for evidence that you meet the criterion. So if you have dyslexia you're not actually at any disadvantage.

However, if you have difficulty putting your application together, you can claim a reduced fee. You can then use that money to pay somebody to help you with your application. You'll need to provide evidence that you have been diagnosed with dyslexia.

Tips for a successful application

Check your application thoroughly before you send it to us to make sure that you've completed everything. The more times we have to write to you with queries about your application, the longer your assessment will take.

Here are some simple tips to help you avoid the most common mistakes.


  • make sure you have completed sufficient training hours to be eligible
  • only reference training you have completed
  • include copies of all your certificates


  • tell us about your supervision for all the practice included in your submission, including your current arrangements
  • make sure you have sufficient supervision cover for your current or past practice dates
  • check that your contract dates (Part H) match your supervisor’s reports
  • make sure your supervisor’s report is signed and dated by both you and your supervisor

Reflective practice

  • only describe one CPD activity from the 12 months prior to your application and make sure you provide dates (Criteria 6)
  • clearly identify the reflective practice sub-criteria throughout your written submission
  • provide word counts for each section, and do not exceed the maximum number of words allowed


  • your diary of practice must be no more than six months old when you apply
  • pay the correct fee – check with us if you are unsure

If you have any queries about putting your application together, please email However, our accreditation office team are not assessors and cannot help with any questions relating to the content of your application.