This section explains the eligibility criteria 1 to 5 and the two routes to entry:

4.1 You have been awarded a qualification from a BACP accredited training course


4.2 You have successfully completed and received an award for practitioner training.



Can you clarify the requirements for the 450 hours of practice?

We want you to tell us about 450 hours of practice that you've undertaken over a minimum of three years. It can be any 450 hours of practice, so just pick three good years. If you've done more than that, you can put the hours down, but we don't need to know about all the hours that you've ever undertaken, particularly if you've been practising for a long time.

For each of the 450 hours that you use, you must be able to show that you've had an hour and a half of supervision in each month in which that practice was undertaken.

Can I count a number of different training courses under 4.2?

Yes, you can add together any training courses you've done that are less than 450 hours of tutor contact time. It's quite common, for example, that people will have done an initial certificate course and then gone on to do a diploma. So you can add the hours from those two awards together to get your 450 hours.

Can I count CPD courses for 4.2?

No, we’re looking to see that you have had some substantial core practitioner training, so you can't make up the 450 hours by adding together lots of short CPD courses.

If you work in an academic setting, can you submit hours worked between September and July for the year?

Yes, we would accept an academic year as a full year of practice if you work in an academic setting.