This section explains what happens if your BACP accreditation application is deferred.



Karen Lloyd: If your application is deferred what you will get from us is a report, that says ... there are some comments on it. It's intended to be developmental so we're going to comment on what you've done then we're going to say, this is why you haven't met this particular criterion, and then in the last column we’re going to say this is what you need to do in order to meet the criterion.

So we are very much trying to assist you, to guide you in terms of what it is we’re looking for when you resubmit that application. You have got six months in order to resubmit it from the date of our original decision letter. If on resubmission you were not successful the second time round, then you are asked to have a further period of practice and reflection before you can submit a brand new application.

There’s quite a lot of support available to you during the accreditation process so as we said earlier, yes you should involve your supervisor throughout the process, we've now got the online resources and the recorded workshop for you to have a look at it. If you're not successful we are going to have given you a deferral report and so we also have an option for people to have a tele-surgery. So if you are deferred and you don't understand why you've been deferred you could apply to have a tele-surgery with an assessor. This is a half hour telephone consultation where you just talk about your particular application and what you need to do in order to resubmit it successfully.

So if you've had all that help and support and you resubmit it and you're still not successful on resubmission, BACP have deemed that it's probably necessary that you need to have a bit more time to do some further practice and a further period of reflection. We ask you then to wait for 12 months and then you resubmit, sorry you submit, a brand new application.