This section explains reflective practice criterion 6 - continuing professional development.

6.1 Describe one CPD activity, relevant to your area of practice that you have undertaken in the 12 months before applying for accreditation.

6.2 Provide reason(s) for choosing the activity with reference to your practice.

6.3 Show how the activity has influenced your practice.



Should I include case material in criterion 6.3

We want you to tell us how this development activity has influenced your practice with a range of clients. So we're not specifically looking for case material here, but how it has influenced your practice in general. You will be providing us with case material for criterion 9.

Can I use a training course that I went on in order to enable me to work with one specific client?

Yes, but you'd hope that the learning and development you took from that could be used in your practice in general. You need to be able to demonstrate how it has influenced your practice.

I haven’t been able to use what I learned from a recent training event yet. Can I still use this for criterion 6?

No, you need to be able to show how the training has had an impact on your counselling practice.

Does the CPD activity need to reflect ongoing work with a client or can it reflect developing themes across the whole workload?

Yes, if there are particular themes coming up in your counselling work, and you're aware you need additional training or development to enable you to work safely with these clients, that's the type of training we want you to tell us about.

Can mandatory training that has been directed by an employer be used for evidencing CPD across criterion 6?

The organisation should have a rationale for why they want you to do that training with relevance to your practice. So you must be able to tell us the reason for undertaking the training rather than just saying I did it because my employer said so. 

Can I use my personal therapy to meet criterion 6?

Criterion 7 is all about your self-awareness. Developing self-awareness through personal therapy really belongs in criterion 7 not in criterion 6.

Can I count supervision as a CPD activity for criterion 6?

No, you can't use supervision for criterion 6. Supervision is an ongoing requirement for all therapists while CPD is specifically training or development activities that you do over and above your core practitioner training.