This section explains supervision and the supervisor's report in respect of eligibility criterion 5 - supervision.

"You have an ongoing contract for counselling or psychotherapy supervision for a minimum of 1.5 hours per month for each month in which your practice is undertaken."



Would it be okay to use a second tier supervisor?

If you're working in a two-step like the IAPT service, yes that would be fine.

I am in a transitionary period looking for another supervisor, however I get management as well from my work which includes taking on a small caseload of clients. My line manager is actually experienced in counselling and I have been discussing some of my client work with him. Would that be admissible during the period where I'm looking for a new supervisor because she has since retired?

Sometimes people do have a dual relationship with their supervisor, so where someone is both a supervisor and a line manager we need to know that you've got some alternative form of consultation should you need it. So it's perfectly ok if your supervision is being done by your line manager in this instance as a temporary measure. However sometimes there can be conflicting priorities between clinical supervision and line management. So you need to tell us where else you could go if, for instance, an ethical dilemma arose or there was a problem.

I have an agreement with my supervisor who's retired. If I need to I could go back to her if I have not found another clinical supervisor, so would that be adequate?

Yes that would be fine.

If I am working with children and offering shorter sessions, how do I calculate my hours for the table of practice?

Lots of people are working with children and often, particularly if you are working with young children, you may not have them for a whole counselling hour. In fact you might do half hour sessions, in which case you need to add together two sessions to count as one hour towards your 450 hours. So you would simply have to record more sessions.