To help clients find the right counselling professional for them, please follow the guidance below when creating your directory listing.

We’ll email you with further advice if your directory listing needs revising. If you’ve any questions about the guidance or how to apply it, please email

To create a new listing

Go to your account dashboard

  • Log in 
    (or you can click on 
    Log in on the top right hand corner of any page on the website).

  • Enter your email address and password
    Your email address needs to be the one we have on record. If you can't remember the email address you gave us, please contact us.
    If you can't remember your password, click on Forgotten your password and follow the instructions.

Log in screen

  • Once you're logged in, the Log in link in the top right hand of the screen will be replaced by a My account link.
  • Click on My account to access your account dashboard.

If this is the first time you've logged into your account, you'll need to check and update your personal details. 

My account link

Creating or editing a listing

Click on Directory listings in the banner header to see all your directory-related options.

Screen shot of banner header

Global settings

This is where you can add a different photo for your directory profile to the one shown on your member account. You can also add any languages you speak. These options will show on all your directory listings.

  • Click on Edit 

  • Upload your photo and enter any language details. 

  • When you've finished, scroll to the bottom of the screen and click Save.

Screen shot of my directory listings

Screen shot of global directory settings

Create new listing

Here you will see how many listings you can create.

  • Click on Add new listing to create an entry


These are any listings that you've created but haven't submitted for approval.

  • Click on edit next to the listing you want to change


These are listings which are currently live on the Therapist directory. 

  • Click on edit next to the listing you'd like to edit. Once you’ve made any changes, you'll need to resubmit the listing for approval.

  • To archive or permanently delete a listing click on delete and select the relevant option. 

Once has a listing has been sent for approval and is in the pending approval list, you can't edit it until it's been approved.

Screen shot of directory listing options

Completing your listing

Complete all the sections on the page - see the tips below on improving your listing.

Ensure you enter your full address and postcode so that the listing saves correctly.

Screen shot of address fields

When you've finished, click on Save and submit to send your  entry to us for approval and publishing.

Save and submit button

You'll see this error message if your entry has not saved for any reason.

If this is your first entry, you'll be taken to a payment screen where you can pay your directory subscription.

We’ll email you as soon as we’ve approved and published your listing. We aim to do this within two working days.

Screen shot of error message

Listing criteria

To ensure that you and your prospective clients get the most from this directory, please follow the guidance below when creating your listings.

Writing style

  • wording should be aligned to the BACP Ethical Framework
  • use appropriate language, without discrimination or obscenities 
  • write in the first person - for example "I’m an experienced therapist” rather than “she is an experienced therapist”


Including a photograph in your listing can help make it stand out and look more professional and friendly. Generally people like to see a photo of the counsellor they will be contacting.

Choose a clear, portrait style image of your head and shoulders against a plain background. Your photo should not include other people as this may confuse potential clients. We also advise excluding distractions such as pets, food or drink.

We will not accept any images which include logos. 

Help clients to find you

Clients often search for a therapist based on geographical location.

To help clients find you, you’ll need to include a full address and postcode in your listing. We can't publish your listing without this information.

Your full address won't be available to the public - your listing will just show the first part of your postcode. We only use your address to make sure you appear in the relevant searches. 

Promote your website

In your listing, you can include a link to your professional website to help clients find out more about you, your practice and services. Please don't include links to other directories which you use to advertise. 


Testimonials can demonstrate your experience and success and help clients choose a therapist.

When including a testimonial, make sure it appears in "quotation marks" followed by the client’s initials.

Testimonials must comply with the Endorsements and testimonials requirements from Section 3 of the Advertising Standard Authorities' UK Code of Non-broadcast Advertising and Promotional Marketing

Up to six listings

As part of your subscription, you can create up to six directory listings to advertise yourself as a therapist, trainer or supervisor.

If you create more than one type of the same listing, for example, two therapist listings, you will need a different postcode for each listing.


Your name on your directory listing and the BACP Register will be the same. Keeping your name consistent is best practice and makes sure that people can easily identify you as a registered counselling professional.

If you want to use a shortened version of your name, such as Cathy instead of Catherine, we can update your details. This change will apply to your entire membership account so your new name will also appear on the BACP Register and any letters and emails we send you.

To change your first name, email us at so we’ve got a record of your request. You’ll still need to send supporting evidence, such as a marriage certificate, if you want to change your surname.


The qualifications you list in your member account area are not automatically transferred onto your Directory entry. If you'd like to display details of relevant counselling and psychotherapy qualifications on your listing, please add them into one of the free text sections.

This is the ideal place to add details of any qualifications you have in more specialist areas, or if you belong to any our specialist divisions – BACP Children, Young People and Families, BACP Coaching, BACP Healthcare, BACP Spirituality, BACP Universities and Colleges or BACP Workplace.

Protected titles

Titles such as Arts Therapist or Practitioner Psychologist are protected by the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC). You can only use these titles in your Directory entry if you are registered with the HCPC.

You can find a full list of protected titles, and check whether you are registered, on the HCPC website - Professions and protected titles.


You can include details of any languages you speak in your personal details.  If you speak a language that is not widely spoken in the UK, this could set you apart from other counselling professionals working in the same area.

Hourly rate

If you provide your hourly rate, this will be shown in your listing. 

About me and my therapy practice

This section allows you to talk about your work and let clients know what to expect from you. The first few lines of this section will appear in the search results for clients to read.

When completing this section, put yourself in the position of someone looking for help and think about what you would want to know in that situation. Use plain English and avoid complicated or specialist counselling language.

How you can help

Here you can highlight what you can help with, the types of therapy you use, who you work with and how you deliver therapy.

Clients can filter search results by issue or type of therapy, so make sure you select all the areas that apply to you.

Privacy notice

Your listing is intended to encourage people to contact you. It's likely someone will be contacting you about their mental health so it’s important they know what will happen to their data when they do so. As a data controller, you must provide a privacy notice to individuals when collecting their data. We advise that you provide a brief summary about the use of their data on your listing itself or information on where they can find more details, such as a full privacy notice published on your website. For more information, please visit the ICO website.

Coming soon

We’re committed to continually developing the Directory for our members and clients alike, and will be introducing a range of improvements over the coming months.


If you’ve any feedback about your own Directory experience, or any ideas and suggestions for how we might improve the platform, please get in touch at