Former heavyweight boxing champion Frank Bruno MBE has been made an honorary doctor following his work around mental health. 

Mr Bruno, who has spoken extensively about his own mental health issues, joined around 4,000 students graduating from Bournemouth University this week.

Frank Bruno

Boxing legend Frank Bruno has been made an honorary doctor for his work around mental health. Photo credit Bournemouth University

He said: “Since I retired over 20 years ago I have been blessed by the way the British public have continued to hold me in high esteem.

“This honour, I would like to think, it’s not only for my achievements in boxing but also in recognition of the work and the constant battle I’m trying to fight on behalf of the sufferers and carers of sufferers who have experienced this terrible curse of mental health.

“I am honoured more than I can truly express in these few words and I thank the people that put me forward and voted for me to get this honour.”