We’ve published a report detailing our work to protect the public and ensure members meet our standards.

Our Public Protection Committee’s annual report highlights key statistics and insights into our register, including conduct functions from the past 12 months.

It also explains how our public protection work has continued during the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown restrictions.

The report says the proportion of members who had concerns raised about their conduct in 2020  remained low at 0.34%.

It includes that we took forward 193 complaints, carried out 740 audits, ran 3,268 Certificate of Proficiency assessments and responded to 1,361 concerns from the public through our Ask Kathleen (Get help with counselling concerns) service.

In our 2020 membership survey more than 95% of our members said setting standards for the professions and client protection were important work for us.

Our Trustee and Chair of the Public Protection Committee Moira Sibbald said, in the welcome to the report, that our regulatory function “is central to the work of the organisation in providing credibility, accountability and employability for our members.”

She added: “We want BACP to be the organisation of choice for the public when choosing a practitioner in terms of both accountability and high professional standards. We also want our members to have confidence in the way we carry out our public protection function.”

Read the Public Protection Committee Annual Report