We’re looking for someone to take up the role of Chair of one of our delegated committees, the Finance, Risk, Audit, Policy and Performance (FRAPP) Committee – and join our Board of Governors.

The recruitment comes after a review of our six delegated committees.

The former Audit Risk and Performance (ARaP) and the Finance and Policy (FaPC) committees have now amalgamated to form the new FRAPP committee.

Being Chair of the FRAPP Committee involves overseeing financial procedures and performance and developing our financial strategy.

As with all our committees, the FRAPP Committee reports directly into the Board.

We’re looking for someone with a specific set of skills and experience and so are welcoming applications from BACP members and non-members for this role.

The successful applicant will become an appointed member of our Board of Governors. The Board will continue to be a majority of elected BACP members, as per our terms of reference.

Our Chair Natalie Bailey said: “This is a great opportunity for the right individual to join the Board and help to shape the future of the organisation.”

Another new Governor will be introduced at our AGM, after they were voted in by members during this year’s election.

Find out more and apply for the role of FRAPP Chair.