We recently received two open letters from Counsellors Together UK regarding our membership fees and requesting an update to our 2014 members' employment survey. This is the response we sent to the authors.

Dear ...

Thank you so much for your open letters. We are committed to doing all we can to support our members and are listening carefully to them about their situations.

We’ve recently been working with members to understand how this time of unprecedented challenge has affected them. We will continue to do this in our current membership survey, which is providing us evidence about the impact of Covid-19 on them.

As you’re aware we’ve also been working proactively to provide them with the resources they need, including help to transfer to online working. We will continue to listen to our members and respond appropriately as we face this challenge together.

We agree that the findings of an employment survey, like the one we did in 2014, would be interesting. The issue of paid employment for members is a key priority for us, as you may have seen in our recent campaign - where we are lobbying Government to ensure there is a paid workforce of therapists available to support the nation through and beyond this time of unprecedented challenge.

We’ve actually been looking at a similar survey although as I’m sure our members will understand, as will you, the current situation with Covid-19 has added complexity to this. We would want to ensure the timing was right in order to get an accurate reflection from the research. 

We’re really interested to listen to the detail behind your ideas. We’re passionate about our profession and working collaboratively for its benefit.

Best wishes

Michael Pearson
Membership Manager