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Supervisor - Matlock

Matlock DE4
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Where I work:

• The Coach House studios: a beautiful space in the middle of Wirksworth.

• Shining Cliff Woods: nature provides a wonderful way to practice mindfulness and this ancient woodland is particularly good at supporting your practice.

• Zoom: if travel is not an option than we can meet on zoom. 

About me and my therapy practice

In my practice I aim to provide a breathing space for those who need it; a space to reflect, to catch your breath, to work through or to just be. To create a breathing space, I will work to make you feel safe and understood, by offering empathy, boundaries, compassion and clarity. Every breathing space is a unique co-creation between me and the person or group I’m working with. 

My training background was mainly person-centred but as a practitioner I would describe my current practice as pluralistic, with an emphasis on the centrality of the therapeutic relationship, in which both parties learn and develop. As my main counselling practice has been with children and young people, it will come as no surprise that I my practice is informed by attachment theory, neurodevelopment, trauma as well as play and creativity. I subscribe to the Rogerian values of social justice, personal development and learning.

Furthermore, I also work as mindfulness teacher and weave mindfulness into all my practice. This can be anything from taking of a mindful pause, reflecting on the here and now, to some more formal meditation practices. Mindfulness always informs my own being with the client, being aware of my body and mind in the present moment and reflecting on what this means for what is going on for the client and our relationship. 

Practice description

I take a mindfulness-based relational approach, which support reciprocal learning and mutual transformation. This approach changes the quality of the supervisor-supervisee relationship and deepens our capacity to learn together. The conditions that support mutual transformational learning in supervision include:

• Creating a psychologically safe container for the work

• Offering opportunities to mindfully pause in the moment to connect to the body, enhance self-awareness and support a deeper reflection.

• My sharing that I may be feeling or sensing something in the field, either somatically or emotionally, and that we might use this information to deepen our inquiry

• Working with silence as a support for clarity of reflection, generative thinking and insight and practising this important skill to strengthen client relationship

• Learning to be comfortable with not knowing as a means to work with what is emerging

• Where relevant and appropriate sharing our personal life experiences with the intention to contribute to the learning

• Inviting mutual vulnerability and honesty and recognising our common humanity

• Using mindful techniques to help regulating dysregulated states that might result from the client work

• Compassion and self-compassion are important concepts in my practice.

I like to organise the individual sessions, loosely based on the cyclical model of supervision: starting with setting an agenda for the session, followed by space for collaboration, investigation. The next phase is the ‘bridge’ in which there is space for consolidation of the learning and the final phase is reviewing the session.

I'm also a tutor on counselling courses from Level 2 to Level 5 and have a particular interest in working with trainees.  

My first session

I offer a free half hour zoom session to discuss your requirements, explain my approach to working and we can see if we 'click'. 

Clients I work with

Organisations, Trainees

Languages spoken

English, Dutch