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'I don't want to talk about it' - Examining men's reluctant attitudes in seeking psychological help VIEW ABSTRACT
"Am I allowed to be here?" A thematic analysis of the experiences of working class counsellors during counselling training. VIEW ABSTRACT
A Grief Observed? How close dare counsellors go in working with the spiritual issues of the bereaved client, and what might be the impact? A heuristic inquiry into the experience of counsellors working with spirituality in bereavement. VIEW ABSTRACT
“An exploration into whether and how belief in the afterlife inhibits the grieving process” VIEW ABSTRACT
How therapists understand their experiences of working at a depth of engagement in therapy: An Interpretative phenomenological analysis. VIEW ABSTRACT
Exploring the experiences of counsellors working with boarders in UK independent schools: an Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis. VIEW ABSTRACT
Integrating gestalt therapy and attachment theory:Towards the development of a therapeutic model, for safe practice with children in care, who display disorganised patterns of attachment.   VIEW ABSTRACT
‘Does the use of Mindfulness techniques offer support to the practitioner in becoming digitally resilient when faced with the interruptions of technology’? VIEW ABSTRACT
Legislation on Homosexuality: a study of its possible impact on Internalised Homophobia VIEW ABSTRACT
Life without fatherhood: a qualitative study of older involuntarily childless men. VIEW ABSTRACT
“Reconnecting With Hidden Aspects-ofSelf”. A descriptive phenomenological inquiry into the client’s experience of reconnecting with hidden aspects-of-self within the context of Integrative Psychotherapy. VIEW ABSTRACT
Living the Tension: Deepening an Understanding of the Therapists Experience with Social Identities and Power Relations VIEW ABSTRACT
A Heuristic study into Dermatillomania (Skin Picking) VIEW ABSTRACT
A descriptive phenomenological inquiry into the client’s experience of reconnecting with hidden aspects-of-self within the context of Integrative Psychotherapy VIEW ABSTRACT
A story of childhood emotional neglect, and healing VIEW ABSTRACT
A Qualitative study of coaches’ experiences of incorporating mindfulness into their practice – integration, challenges and transformation VIEW ABSTRACT
The experiences of person-centred counsellors working with clients presenting with complicated grief VIEW ABSTRACT
Could the positive outcome of psychotherapy depend on placebo effect, with reference to research in complementary therapy: a discussion. VIEW ABSTRACT
An exploratory study researching how teachers within schools in Northern Ireland support students as they grieve the loss of a fellow student who died by suicide VIEW ABSTRACT
Transcending Polarities: counsellors’ and psychotherapists’ experiences of transformation. VIEW ABSTRACT
A phenomenological study of the experience of counselling for those with a traumatic disability VIEW ABSTRACT
Experiences of Intensive care Nursing: Voicing the unspeakable VIEW ABSTRACT
Is chronic pain a small-t trauma? A systematic review of the use of EMDR in the treatment of chronic pain. VIEW ABSTRACT
An exploration of the challenges facing the creation of suicidal respite services in Manchester VIEW ABSTRACT
The grief experiences of men bereaved through the death of an infant. VIEW ABSTRACT
A Long, Hard Road to Go By: a study of the support work carried out in Women's Aid refuges VIEW ABSTRACT
How do trainee counsellors who recognise the concept of spirituality perceive this concept in relation to the practice of counselling? VIEW ABSTRACT
Positive Psychology, Psychotherapy and the Pursuit of Happiness VIEW ABSTRACT
An exploration of Focusing-oriented Therapy for Addictions VIEW ABSTRACT
An Autoethnographic Study of Psychosomatic Pain VIEW ABSTRACT
A Phenomenological Exploration of How Engagement with Fiction May Inform Psychotherapists’ Philosophy and Practice. VIEW ABSTRACT
Young, single and treated for breast cancer; making sense of my sexuality: an exploration of women's stories. VIEW ABSTRACT
Patient and staff perspectives about physical activity as a treatment for depression for adults within primary care: A qualitative review VIEW ABSTRACT
Client Perspectives and Experiences of Congruence VIEW ABSTRACT
Authenticity and goal - directed behaviours and cognitions. VIEW ABSTRACT
Is Gay BDSM Just a Pain in The Ass? An examination of the relationship between theory and the lived, Leather experience.   VIEW ABSTRACT
Breaking the Silence: Exploring the impact of pregnancy loss on women who delayed childbirth and remain childless. VIEW ABSTRACT
Exploring the experience of young people involved in counsellor-led group work in secondary schools to inform the development of good practice in school-based counselling. VIEW ABSTRACT
The long-term effects of conjugal bereavement on memory performance in participants below sixty-five years of age. VIEW ABSTRACT
What factors influence male counsellors’ decision to take on their role and their ability to manage any challenges presented? VIEW ABSTRACT
"RE-EXAMINING KALI AS A FEMININE ARCHETYPAL METAPHOR: A CASE FOR CHANGE. From "The Terrible Mother" representation of the negative Unconscious Feminine to a depth psychology Conscious Feminine allegory for multi-potentiality. A Critical Rev VIEW ABSTRACT
The effect of domestic violence on women’s body image and self worth. VIEW ABSTRACT
'How Do You See Me?: Coming Out in Counselling' VIEW ABSTRACT
MSc Practice based research investigating the role of personal reflective writing in developing the qualities and skills required for professional practice, identifying implications for training and assessment.  VIEW ABSTRACT
Domestic violence effect on body esteem and self worth VIEW ABSTRACT
What relevance and impact does ‘the other characteristic’ have to, and on the therapeutic process? VIEW ABSTRACT
What barriers, if any, to entering counselling or psychotherapy do SMers perceive as related to their identity, interests and practices. VIEW ABSTRACT
The Reciprocal Influence Of Person Centred Counselling Students And Trainers VIEW ABSTRACT
What do people feel during and following a traumatic event? VIEW ABSTRACT
An investigation into the extent to which psychological wounds inspire counsellors and psychotherapists to become wounded healers, the significance of these wounds on their career choice, the causes of these wounds and the overall significance of demograp VIEW ABSTRACT
The steep and thorny way: stuck-ness and creative block in an art college. VIEW ABSTRACT
ALL CHANGED, CHANGED UTTERLY, A TERRIBLE BEAUTY IS BORN.An Exploration on the Impact of Suicide Prevention on the Experienced Clinician VIEW ABSTRACT
Vicarious traumatisation: What strategies do psychological therapists use to manage their vulnerability to being vicariously traumatised by Clients’ traumatogenic material? VIEW ABSTRACT
Sexuality of the Middle-Class, Midlife Woman: Research on the Nature and Significance of Sexual Satisfaction Within a Long-Term Relationship    VIEW ABSTRACT
An examination of how the Eurocentric world-view of beauty, pertaining to hair, impacts psychologically on black women living in London VIEW ABSTRACT
Burnout Within Counsellors and Psychotherapists (A quantitative research dissertation to see if there are factors which could predispose Counsellors and Psychotherapists to burnout) VIEW ABSTRACT
What are the experiences of Afro Caribbean trainee counsellors and psychotherapists in relation to the notions of race being address or otherwise within their clinical supervision? VIEW ABSTRACT
Through the Looking Glass. Making Meaning in a Second Language: a qualitative enquiry into the issues that arise in counselling/psychotherapy practice when practitioners use their second language as the means of communication with clients VIEW ABSTRACT
What risk factors are associated with suicidal behaviour and suicide in young men age 15-35? VIEW ABSTRACT
Changing roles within The Drama of M.S. VIEW ABSTRACT
Beginning Therapists’ Experience of Silence during their Professional Training Period VIEW ABSTRACT
A Slave To My Shadow; An Exploration Into My Experience Of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder As A Child VIEW ABSTRACT
Reading the Signs: The Semiotics of Working with Gay Male Clients in the Counselling Room VIEW ABSTRACT
Bridging the gaps: Working with clients who are unprepared for counselling VIEW ABSTRACT
Power, ethics and ideology: what mandatory personal therapy reveals about the psychotherapy profession  VIEW ABSTRACT
The experience of being depressed and the choice to train as a psychotherapist/counsellor VIEW ABSTRACT
Personal resonance in the person-centred therapeutic relationship VIEW ABSTRACT
Mothers' Experience of Receiving Counselling/Psychotherapy on a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) VIEW ABSTRACT
What does neuroscience offer us in understanding cognitive-therapy and person-centred therapy for depression? A realist synthesis review VIEW ABSTRACT
Voluntarily Childless Women in the United Kingdom VIEW ABSTRACT
Confidentiality and communication: A study of the experiences of the counselling link person in Primary schools VIEW ABSTRACT
Humour in Therapy VIEW ABSTRACT
A Phenomenological Exploration of How Women Experience Postnatal Depression VIEW ABSTRACT
How counsellors and psychotherapists perceive their experiences relating to the group dynamics of their postgraduate diploma training course, and how they consider learning to be affected by these experiences VIEW ABSTRACT
Barriers to engagement and retention in a primary care psychological service among depressed mothers of young children VIEW ABSTRACT
Evaluation as part of the process of therapy: a qualitative study of how person centred counsellors evaluate their practice VIEW ABSTRACT
Virtually Helping? An exploration of the use of the internet and online resources by adult male survivors of childhood sexual abuse VIEW ABSTRACT
Does dyslexia impact on the counselling process? VIEW ABSTRACT
Gay and Lesbian Clients’ Lived Experiences of Coming Out to Their Counsellor: A Narrative Study VIEW ABSTRACT
"Somewhere Over the Rainbow" - Reflections on the suicide of a client- A narrative inquiry VIEW ABSTRACT
Counselling Patients with Breast Cancer VIEW ABSTRACT
What do researchers in the counselling and psychotherapy field see as the areas of important research in the near future? VIEW ABSTRACT
The Magic Crystal: a search for integrationThe lived experience of an integrative therapist (A personal reflection on the praxis of integrative psychotherapy - using reflection and supervision) VIEW ABSTRACT
The Challenge of Competence for Counselling and Psychotherapy VIEW ABSTRACT
Seven Days Down South: a war story VIEW ABSTRACT
How insecurely attached adults respond to bereavement in a primary care setting: health and health care seeking behaviour VIEW ABSTRACT
Two Views of the Effects of sex-role learning on Women Counsellors: “relational being” or “merged individual” VIEW ABSTRACT
Unshedding the Masks: Has my journey from Royal Marine to counsellor enabled me to embrace my experience of war and ultimately accept it? VIEW ABSTRACT
Interaction in clinical supervision: a comparative and longitudinal study VIEW ABSTRACT
Therapists' experience of difficulties in their practice VIEW ABSTRACT
The clinical effectiveness of the person-centred psychotherapies: The impact of the therapeutic relationship VIEW ABSTRACT
An exploration of the perceptions of police firearms officers to traumatic work-related incidents and the relevance, in their opinion, of different support interventions offered. VIEW ABSTRACT
A qualitative study of critical learning incidents of recently qualified therapists working with sexual minority clients VIEW ABSTRACT
Aspects of the transference, countertransference and phenomenology, as manifest in the therapeutic relationship between female therapists and their clients  VIEW ABSTRACT
The Patchwork Quilt of Supervision: Piecing together the changing supervision needs of person-centred counsellors VIEW ABSTRACT
Introducing a modification of person centred counselling for depressed clients in the state of Qatar VIEW ABSTRACT
The effectiveness of school-based counselling, as indicated by quantitative outcomes - a comparative study of practice-based evidence VIEW ABSTRACT
Clients on the edge of the abyss. Counselling people in prison - the effects on me and my development as a counsellor. VIEW ABSTRACT
Recovery from Child Sexual Abuse Trauma within an Arts Therapies Programme for Women VIEW ABSTRACT
The Experiences of Cognitive Therapists Working Therapeutically With Female Adult Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse. VIEW ABSTRACT
Recording Supervision: Educational and Therapeutic? VIEW ABSTRACT
Scottish psychological therapies: Improvements identified by service users VIEW ABSTRACT
Trauma, A Homcoming VIEW ABSTRACT
Whose therapy is it? A qualitative investigation into the experience of psychodynamic counselling trainees in mandatory therapy VIEW ABSTRACT
Client suicide and clinician identity: an investigation of identity development in clinician survivors of client suicide VIEW ABSTRACT
'A Shadow Cast'. An autoethnographic study of mental illness within a family setting VIEW ABSTRACT
Alcoholism as an attachment disorder: Familial attachment style as a mediating factor for alcoholism in adults VIEW ABSTRACT
Spirite Equus: Therapists Experience of the Perceived Benefits of Equine Assisted Psychotherapy VIEW ABSTRACT
The Integration of Energetic Touch Therapies with Counselling and Psychotherapy: practitioners’ perspectives VIEW ABSTRACT
What is Expected of Bereavement Counselling? A qualitative study of the beliefs and expectations of clients and service providers in a hospice setting VIEW ABSTRACT
A Shared Story: The professional and personal impact of participating in a counselling skills course for children and young people. VIEW ABSTRACT
From where do counsellors in private practice receive their support? VIEW ABSTRACT
Research into why Counselling and Psychotherapy course providers set lower age limits for students VIEW ABSTRACT
Parental perspectives on grief and loss following stillbirth and neonatal death VIEW ABSTRACT
An exploration of psychotherapists’ subjective experience on the essence of readiness to practice VIEW ABSTRACT
The integration of psychotherapy in the public mental health services in Ireland: A Mixed Method Study VIEW ABSTRACT
Spiritual Abuse within the Judaeo Christian faith: Implications for Counselling Practice VIEW ABSTRACT
A child's Death: A heuristic exploration of mothers' grief VIEW ABSTRACT
A phenomenological investigation of counsellor's experiences of perceiving incongruence: when the non-verbal clues do not seem to match what their client is verbally saying VIEW ABSTRACT
The therapist’s experience in a ‘foreign country’: A qualitative inquiry into the effect of mobility for counsellors and psychotherapists VIEW ABSTRACT
An Integration of Religious and Spiritual Beliefs into the Transtheoretical Model: A Critical Analysis VIEW ABSTRACT
A meta-synthesis of factors relating to gay and lesbian body image: A qualitative review VIEW ABSTRACT
The Relevance and Utility of the Motif of the Wounded Healer for Contemporary Psychotherapists VIEW ABSTRACT
The Therapeutic Encounter With Spiritual Symbols: A Study of Counsellors’ and Therapists’ Experiences with Spiritually Meaningful Symbolic Language and Imagery VIEW ABSTRACT
Coping strategies of fathers with autistic children VIEW ABSTRACT
The bifocal paradigm & A bimodal theory of  self-consciousness VIEW ABSTRACT
What is it like for men to experience suicidal feelings and counselling? VIEW ABSTRACT
Involuntarily childless men: issues surrounding the desire to be a father VIEW ABSTRACT
A study to explore the perceptions of child and adolescent counsellors of their role in providing emotional support VIEW ABSTRACT
What Works for Students in Counselling? An Evaluation of Outcome and Change Processes in the University of Stirling Counselling & Wellbeing Service VIEW ABSTRACT
The views of counsellors and psychotherapists on the issues surrounding statutory regulation VIEW ABSTRACT
Mind the Gap?  Exploring contemporary gay, bisexual and queer male experience and the provision of relevant and appropriate counselling in British University settings. VIEW ABSTRACT
Backward shadow: The implications of sibling death on perceptions of childhood VIEW ABSTRACT
Navigating in an uncharted world: how does the desire for fatherhood affect men? VIEW ABSTRACT
“Tearing our hair out !” - An inquiry into the lived experiences and perspectives of Trichotillomania sufferers who have received counselling or psychotherapy. VIEW ABSTRACT
Songs at twilight: A narrative exploration of the experience of living with a visual impairment, and the effect this has on identity claims VIEW ABSTRACT
Developing the understanding of reflective practice in counselling and psychotherapy VIEW ABSTRACT
A Critical Review of the Impact of Counselling Training Courses on Trainees. VIEW ABSTRACT
Hear their silent cries - how to give a voice to those who had no choice VIEW ABSTRACT
Women’s Perception of Counselling following Miscarriage VIEW ABSTRACT
An exploration of trainee’s experiences of multicultural counsellor-training: a qualitative study VIEW ABSTRACT
An exploration of the extent to which therapists’ conceptualisations match current academic understandings in a case of male cross-dressing: implications for training and practice VIEW ABSTRACT
How do Trainee Therapists Experience Un-Notified Client Non-Attendance? VIEW ABSTRACT
The Role Played by Psychological Risk in the Ethical Practice of the Psychological Therapies VIEW ABSTRACT
The Development of the Psyche and its Impact on Health with Reference to Neuroscience VIEW ABSTRACT
The Myth of Madonna: A Phenomenological Exploration of how Women Experience Postnatal Depression VIEW ABSTRACT
Beyond the medical model: the counselling practitioners’ experiences in primary health care counselling.   VIEW ABSTRACT
A grounded theory study of organisational supervision of counsellors: The influence of the invisible client VIEW ABSTRACT
An Investigation Exploring the Potential Challenges and Opportunities that surround the Development of Online Counselling Services for Young People in the United Kingdom. VIEW ABSTRACT
The Therapeutic Alliance in Online Youth Counselling VIEW ABSTRACT
Online Counselling: a heuristic study examining the relational depth of computer-mediated relationships. VIEW ABSTRACT
Containing grief: Ambiguities and dilemmas in the emotional work of UK childhood bereavement services VIEW ABSTRACT
Looking beyond the obvious – a story of crossing borders and connecting with sameness VIEW ABSTRACT
A descriptive phenomenological study on therapists’ experience of personal therapy VIEW ABSTRACT
Dysphoria, anxiety and the ability to decode others’ emotional states in university students VIEW ABSTRACT
What are the impacts of Deaf Culture and British Sign Language on the therapeutic relationship from the therapist’s perspective? VIEW ABSTRACT
A comparison between groupwork and one to one counselling as agents of change in the bereavement process – therapists’ views VIEW ABSTRACT
Conversion therapy versus gay-affirmative therapy: Working with ego-dissonant gay clients VIEW ABSTRACT
Psychological experiences of renal transplant patients: improving understanding and counselling interventions VIEW ABSTRACT
Community approaches to working with asylum seeking women VIEW ABSTRACT
Researching the core model; a qualitative study of the usefulness of a core model to counsellors in practice VIEW ABSTRACT
The fourth wave in workplace counselling: towards the understanding and the development of the professional specialisation of workplace counselling VIEW ABSTRACT
Workplace Counselling –a new, knowledge-based, formally regulated specialism? VIEW ABSTRACT
Religious and Spiritual Experience amongst Psychotherapists in Ireland VIEW ABSTRACT
Searching for the magic crystal: an inquiry into the praxis of integration VIEW ABSTRACT
Depression before and after childbirth - An evaluation of a perinatal counselling service. VIEW ABSTRACT
Lydia’s story: a supervisee’s search for supervisor competence and client progress VIEW ABSTRACT
Mirrors and Echoes: Meaning-Moments in Counselling Supervision VIEW ABSTRACT
An Auto-Ethnobiographical Exploration of War and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) VIEW ABSTRACT
A qualitative exploration of how clinicians attend to interracial/intercultural mixing in their clinical practice VIEW ABSTRACT
Changing Times and Evolving Cultures VIEW ABSTRACT
The Role of Dreams in the Study of Human Transformation VIEW ABSTRACT
Suicide: A dying shame. A literature review of the therapeutic relationship VIEW ABSTRACT
The impact of cultural migration on the psychosocial perceptions of stress amongst South Asians in the UK VIEW ABSTRACT
Towards a Pagan/magickal approach to counselling? VIEW ABSTRACT
The Mysterious Journey - An exploration of how Counsellors integrate their counselling and spiritual identities and how this affects their interaction with clients whose spiritual identity differs from their own. VIEW ABSTRACT
Recovery from child sexual abuse trauma within an arts therapies programme for women VIEW ABSTRACT
Christian Counsellors and Homosexuality VIEW ABSTRACT
Dissociative Identity Disorder. Issues for Counselling VIEW ABSTRACT
Christian counsellors' views on working with gay and lesbian clients: integrating religious beliefs with counselling ethics VIEW ABSTRACT
Do I feel able to counsel another person in a Person Centred way? VIEW ABSTRACT
Exploring the need for a counselling service in a Primary school VIEW ABSTRACT
Are Existential and Cognitive-Behavioural Approaches to Anxiety mutually exclusive? VIEW ABSTRACT
'Out of Season': A study of the experience of premature menopause on women in their twenties and thirties VIEW ABSTRACT
Private Practice in Counselling and Psychotherapy VIEW ABSTRACT
A counsellor’s perspective on the meaning and value of counsellor disclosure within the therapeutic relationship defined by the Clarkson framework VIEW ABSTRACT
"New Perspectives" An exploration in to how people come to terms with grief resulting from parental rejection or non-acceptance. VIEW ABSTRACT
Spirituality and Culture in Counselling andPsychotherapy: Practitioners' perspectives VIEW ABSTRACT
Evaluation of two school-based interventions for children with emotional/behavioural problems. VIEW ABSTRACT
'Perceptions of Workplace Stress, Home Care and Cultural Context - the Piecing Together of a Puzzle' VIEW ABSTRACT
The expectation has always been that I’ll not have kids” – the narratives of childless gay men VIEW ABSTRACT
Assessing Suicide Risk in Counselling: Training Counsellors to Integrate Suicide Risk Assessment into the Therapeutic Discourse VIEW ABSTRACT
Christian Counselling: An inherent Conflict? VIEW ABSTRACT
Defending Against Experiencing: An exploration of the threat to the essential passion and professionalism of academia VIEW ABSTRACT
‘"I can just imagine someone calling me Daddy" – exploring the narratives of men without children’ VIEW ABSTRACT
The Primary Care Counsellor and Risk Assessment: How Safe is our Practice? VIEW ABSTRACT
The Body of Anger - An exploration of using mind body and spiritual approaches in helping clients understand and process their anger VIEW ABSTRACT
‘How do Primary Care Counsellors, who have previously practised as nurses in the NHS, reconcile the differences in attitudes and cultures with their new professional role within the Primary Care team?’ VIEW ABSTRACT
Perceptions of working with spontaneous metaphors in counselling VIEW ABSTRACT
‘A Voice Denied: Clients’ Experience of the Exclusion of Spirituality In Counselling and Psychotherapy’ VIEW ABSTRACT
The hatred that dare not speak in its name: The effects of Homophobia on the mental health of lesbian, gay and bisexual people VIEW ABSTRACT
Counselling as a treatment for people who stammer: What some individuals have found to be helpful and what they feel could have been done differently. VIEW ABSTRACT
'Gay Men's Experiences of Therapy' VIEW ABSTRACT
Being both a Client and a Researcher: An Autoethnographical Exploration VIEW ABSTRACT
"Counselling and the Spiritual Quest: an exploration of the spiritual dimension in the journey of self-discovery and the therapeutic relationship" VIEW ABSTRACT
A Revealing of Some Human Being’s Subjective Experience Of Hindsight: Is Hindsight Really A Wonderful Thing? VIEW ABSTRACT
An exploration of the experience of embodiment and its relationship to counselling practice VIEW ABSTRACT
The Child of Survivors: A literature study of the child of survivors compared with the Jewish child in recent and contemporary history VIEW ABSTRACT
"Dissociation in a Student Sample in the Philippines" VIEW ABSTRACT
Clients’ experiences of how perceived differences in social class between counsellor and client affect the therapeutic relationship VIEW ABSTRACT
Getting on the Bike: An Enquiry into the Felt Sense VIEW ABSTRACT
Effective Threesomes? A Critique of Four Models of Couple Counselling VIEW ABSTRACT
Therapeutic help for troubled same sex relationships VIEW ABSTRACT
The sacred and the psyche in psychological context VIEW ABSTRACT
The Training, Support and Supervision Experience of Volunteer Counsellors VIEW ABSTRACT
Understanding the Relationship between the White Child and Black Nanny in South Africa-using John Bowlby's Attachment Theory. VIEW ABSTRACT
The Phenomenon of Choice: What is the experience of choice in relationship to self and others? VIEW ABSTRACT
The nature of the therapeutic relationship within online counselling VIEW ABSTRACT
"Attitudes towards computerised cognitive behaviour therapy self-help for depression amongst a student population" VIEW ABSTRACT
An Exploratory Study of Prison Officers Perceptions of their Relationships with Offenders in St Patrick's Institution, Dublin VIEW ABSTRACT
Traveller’s tales: Journeying with some counsellors who found themselves exploring their own personal development as they explored a new form of psycho-educational therapy VIEW ABSTRACT
Defending Against Experiencing: An exploration of the threat to the essential passion and professionalism of academia. An exploration of the resistance to pastoral care and counselling observed in the evangelical churches in Scotland with particular refer VIEW ABSTRACT
Enduring relationships: the evolution of long-lasting marriages VIEW ABSTRACT
Lupus Patients Understanding & Support: the unmet needs of patients with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus VIEW ABSTRACT
An enquiry into the role of the University counselling service: Towards a collaborative model of institutional support VIEW ABSTRACT
An exploration of the use ethnic minority students make of college counselling services VIEW ABSTRACT
A consideration of the replication of maternal processes in psychoanalysis through their evocation in the countertransference VIEW ABSTRACT
The Fear of the Feminine; its Effect on Men and on Psychotherapy VIEW ABSTRACT
Changed by the encounter: The learning and change that counsellors and psychotherapists experience as a result of their work with clients VIEW ABSTRACT
"What’s in a name?" A narrative inquiry into the relationship between addiction and identity VIEW ABSTRACT
Trauma, therapy and conflict: Posttraumatic stress and the process of peacemaking following the 1991-1995 war in Croatia, explored through the work of Adam Curle VIEW ABSTRACT
Short term psychodynamic psychotherapy: An analysis of the key principles VIEW ABSTRACT
Where angels fear to tread - An exploration of the experience of having conversations about suicide within a counselling context VIEW ABSTRACT
The Clinical Effectiveness of the Person Centred Psychotherapies: A preliminary inquiry including literature review, CORE-OM questionnaires, client session recordings and client feedback VIEW ABSTRACT
Explorations of counsellors' experiences in the use of touch as a therapeutic intervention VIEW ABSTRACT
Stress and M.E.: a study to consider to what extent stress may be a factor in chronic illness, with particular reference to M.E., and the role of counselling in aiding recovery VIEW ABSTRACT
What makes a mother: The Social Construction of Motherhood VIEW ABSTRACT
Women abortion and counselling – doctors as gatekeepers to services VIEW ABSTRACT
The Social Model of Disability & Counselling for Disabled People VIEW ABSTRACT
Does the provision of counselling positively impact on absenteeism in the VIEW ABSTRACT
The Impact of Clients’ Experiences of the Childcare System and its effect on subsequent Counselling and Psychotherapy VIEW ABSTRACT
Counselling supervisors’ attitudes to counsellor self-disclosure VIEW ABSTRACT
The professionalisation of counselling: a work in progress VIEW ABSTRACT
The Bereaved in Search of 'Healing': An Exploration of the Experiences of Bereavement Counselling. VIEW ABSTRACT
'Grasping Anger by the Tale' VIEW ABSTRACT
A study into the effects of the counsellors’ public role and their non-therapeutic working and social relationships. VIEW ABSTRACT
Mothers in Therapy: Their Styles, Perceptions and Beliefs of Parenting VIEW ABSTRACT
A study of HIV counselling and support VIEW ABSTRACT
Psychological woundedness and motivation to study as a therapist: An empirical investigation. VIEW ABSTRACT
Impact on counsellors of listening to an audio-recording of their latest supervision session VIEW ABSTRACT
Understanding the nature of empathy: A personal perspective VIEW ABSTRACT
A Study of a Person Centred Counsellor Training Programme VIEW ABSTRACT
Companion Animal Loss VIEW ABSTRACT
Provision of psychotherapeutic counselling in the voluntary sector: a case-study VIEW ABSTRACT
An Exploration of the Experience of Loss and its Relationship to Counselling Practice VIEW ABSTRACT
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