Our competence frameworks set out the skills, knowledge and abilities required to deliver specific therapeutic modalities, or to work effectively with specific types of client or therapeutic contexts. They are developed using the Roth and Pilling (2008) methodology, which includes a comprehensive review of the research literature and identification of relevant practice manuals, overseen by an expert reference group. The accompanying counsellors' guides describe the applications and uses of the competence framework, and its advantages for practitioners, trainers and commissioners.


Our curricula offer training providers a framework for delivering comprehensive training courses to give practitioners the required competences for working within a particular context. Each curriculum includes a set of subject areas which outline the content required for the training programme.

The curricula are designed to be flexible to meet the varying needs of training providers and practitioners. The subject areas are not intended to be delivered as separate units or modules within a sequential format as many interlink and some may underpin all elements of the course, for example ethical and professional practice. Trainers may teach the content of the subject areas in the order that best suits them and their students.