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BACP Privacy Policy

We sometimes ask you to provide us with information about yourself and your family so that we can ensure that you receive the appropriate services. This policy explains what happens with this information.

Gaining your consent

During your contact with BACP, you will be informed of how your information will be used and that it may be necessary to share this with other services and organisations.

If you do not agree for us to share information, you should let us know. However, there are times when your information could still be shared, for example: 

  • the stated purposes we tell you about when you supply us with information 
  • as part of our duty to protect a child, a vulnerable adult, yourself or the public 
  • for the prevention and detection of a crime 
  • the assessment of any tax or duty 
  • if we are required to do so by any court or law 

What information do we record? 

The information we require from you may include personal or sensitive information, such as:

Personal information 

  • First name 
  • Family name or surname
  • Address
  • Telephone numbers
  • Date of birth
  • National Insurance number 

Sensitive personal information 

  • Gender, ethnicity and marital status
  • Religious or other cultural beliefs
  • Physical or mental health or condition
  • Sexuality
  • Offences (including alleged offences)
  • Financial information, including bank account details 

What do we use it for?

We may also use some of the information you provide us with for other reasons, such as: 

  • To help us plan services for your future
  • For maintaining records
  • To respond to any enquiries you make
  • To administer any events in which you participate or wish to participate in
  • To create an individual profile for you so that we can understand and respect your preferences
  • To contact you about BACP events, offers and opportunities available from BACP by post, online or phone (where you have indicated you are happy to hear about these)
  • To account for our decisions and investigate complaints
  • To meet our statutory obligations, eg visits by our own regulators
  • To identify and protect those at risk of harm
  • To ensure the accuracy of our records
  • To prevent and detect crime
  • To protect you and other people 

Photography and filming

Images of individuals, whether in still photographs or moving film images, will often be caught by the definition of personal data in the Data Protection Act 1998. We will need consent from you in order to process (capture and use) the images fairly and lawfully. Please use the form below where appropriate.docx file  Filming and photography consent form (0.05Mb
Withdrawing consent 

You have the right to withdraw your consent even after having signed the consent form. Any such withdrawal should be in writing.
Once consent is withdrawn, BACP cannot use the relevant images again, but it will not normally be possible to recall documents in which your image has already appeared. 

Information security

We recognise that the information you provide may be sensitive and we will respect your confidentiality. We keep information about you confidential. This means we store it securely and control who has access to it. We will not share any information where we are not legally required to do so.

We will only share such information as necessary and where we are satisfied that the other organisation is entitled to receive it and will keep your information secure.

Corrections and concerns

If you believe that information we hold about you is incorrect or out of date, or if you have concerns about how we are handling your personal information, please contact us and we will try to resolve those concerns.

If you wish to have your personal information deleted, please let us know and we will take reasonable steps to delete it (unless we need to keep it for legal, auditing or internal risk management reasons).

If BACP becomes aware of any ongoing concerns or problems concerning our privacy practices, we will take these issues seriously and work to address these concerns. 

Data controller

We are also known as the data controller. We are responsible for collecting and processing your personal information. Processing includes the organisation, retrieval, consultation, use and deletion or destruction of information and its disclosure to other agencies.

The information you provide will be processed mainly in connection with the administration of BACP services. A full list of what information we control and process and for what purposes is set out in our notification with the Information Commissioner's Register of Data Controllers. Our registration number is Z7078162. You can view our registration at the Information Commissioner's website.

If you have difficulty understanding this information or want to ask more questions, please contact us. 

Contact us

Information Officer
British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP)
BACP House, 15 St John's Business Park
LE17 4HB