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Welcome to Jobs Online, BACP's exclusive recruitment facility. Whether you are job seeking or recruiting, Jobs Online is the site for you, providing access to the latest counselling and psychotherapy vacancies for anyone in search of employment within the field.

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Jobs Online is the number one counselling and psychotherapy recruitment site:

Job seekers

  • Access to all the latest vacancies
  • Free of charge**
  • CV upload option on selected jobs


  • Vacancies uploaded within 48 hours
  • Reach over 10,000* subscribers
  • An average of 8,637* hits per month

* Figures correct at 31 March 2016
** For subscribed BACP members

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Latest Jobs

> Primary School Based Counsellor (Monmouthshire)

> Counsellor (0.8 FTE) (Leicestershire)

> School Social Therapist/Counsellor (part-time), Dubai College (WORLDWIDE)