Therapists practise in all walks of life and all parts of society, from NHS clinics to workplaces and education. They are trained to deal with a range of situations, helping people to cope with such issues as anxiety and bereavement, relationship difficulties, sexual and racial issues, child abuse and trauma, or personal problem solving.

We use the word 'therapy' to cover talking therapies, such as counselling, psychotherapy and coaching. Therapy offers a safe, confidential place to talk to a trained professional about your feelings and concerns. You might talk about difficult events in your life or your relationships and emotions. Or you might have negative thoughts and behaviours that you want to change.

Therapists will not give you advice or solve your problems for you. They will listen to your story, helping you to understand yourself better and make positive changes in your life. 

What is counselling?

Find out how counselling works, what therapists do and what happens in a therapy session.

What therapy can help with

People often choose to have therapy because they are experiencing difficulties and distress in their lives. But you don't have to be in crisis to have therapy. Here's an A-Z of some of the issues therapy can help with.

How to get therapy

We explain the different ways you may be able to access counselling or psychotherapy, depending upon your individual circumstances and the services available in your area.

Therapist Directory

Using our online Therapist Directory to find a therapist will ensure that the counsellor you see is qualified and works to professional standards. Only registered or accredited members or accredited services can advertise on the Directory. 

Types of therapy

There are many different types of therapy, such as CBT, family therapy or person centred therapy. We explain some of the different approaches.

Counselling terms and concepts

We explain some of the key terms and concepts you might hear if you're having or considering therapy.

Get help for someone else

If you are worried about a relative or friend who is going through a difficult time, we suggest ways you can support them and find professional help.

In therapy and have concerns?

Going for therapy is a big step to take and it can be very distressing if it doesn’t seem right. Our Get help with counselling concerns service provides confidential telephone and email guidance on what to do if you have any concerns about your therapy or your therapist. 

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