How do I join the directory?

Go to Join our Therapist Directory, click on log-in to purchase and log into the website. Add the product to the cart - the cost will be pro rata to your membership renewal date.

Sign the directory terms and conditions and pay online using your credit or debit card. We'll send you an email confirmation once this has been processed.

Finally, you'll need to create your entries - see Creating your directory listing.

What do I get for my money?

You can have up to six listings for your subscription, which can include both therapist and supervisor listings. If you create more than one of the same type of listing, for example, two therapist listings, you'll need a different address for each listing.

It takes around two working days for us to approve your listing and publish it online. We also need to approve any amendments you make before the changes go live to the public.

How do I edit or update my information in my listing?

You can update your listing at any time by logging into your account and editing your profile. Your changes will be submitted to us for approval before going live - this can take up to two working days.

Why is my listing not showing to the public?

Once you've made your payment, you still need to create your directory listing. Log into your member's account area and add a new listing.

Your payment will start from the date you decided to join the directory, not from the date you submitted your first listing. If your entry is still not showing two working days after submitting your listing, please contact us.

How do I make my entry stand out?

We've produced some hints and tips to help you make your directory listing stand out in the search results to members of the public. See Listing criteria

How do I renew my directory entry if I didn’t do this in my renewal period?

If you didn’t renew your directory listing when you renewed your membership, then you will need to join the directory again. See Join our therapist directory to purchase a new subscription.

How do I remove my listing from the website

You can archive your therapist listing by going to your directory dashboard and selecting delete and then archive. This will move your listing into the archive section until you want it to be visible on the website again.

To reactivate the listing, click on edit next to the listing and then save and submit to send it through for approval again.

Alternatively, if you are not currently taking new clients, you can update the Availability section of your listing. This will still leave your listing on the directory search.

If you wish to deactivate your subscription please email However, as you signed up for a 12 month subscription, we cannot provide a refund or reduce your direct debit.

For further advice

If you have any questions about your listing or its performance, our Therapist Directory team are here to support you.