In this series of podcasts, professionals from BACP and Hackney Council have open discussions and consider how we can unmask, repair and prevent the harm and trauma that racism perpetuates.

The podcast series follows on from the Anti-Racist Praxis Conference hosted by Hackney Council’s Children and Families services in May 2022.

The contributors to these podcasts, which include BACP President David Weaver and Deputy Chair Michael Golding, come from different backgrounds and have diverse personal and professional experiences of race and racism. None of them are experts, but they all share a belief that racism must be discussed in order to better understand its impact on each of us personally, in our workplaces and in wider society.

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Lisa Aldridge
Head of Service for Safeguarding and Quality Assurance, London Borough of Hackney 

Jeremy Bacon
Third Sector Lead, BACP

Orlene Badu
Author and leadership consultant at Orlene Badu Consulting

Deborah Barnett
Anti Racist Strategic Lead, Children and Education Directorate, London Borough of Hackney

Jacquie Burke
Group Director for Children and Education Directorate, London Borough of Hackney

Michael Golding
Deputy Chair, BACP

Jo Holmes
Children, Young People and Families Lead, BACP

Monica Imbert
Interim Director of Outcomes Business Intelligence and Strategy, London Borough of Hackney

Edith Stokes
Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Lead, BACP

David Weaver
Former President of BACP

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Members of the podcast team

Members of the podcast team