Join our spokesperson network

We're always looking for members to join our spokesperson network and help us respond to media enquiries.

When we get requests for a comment or interview, we use our network of spokepeople to identify the most appropriate person to respond on behalf of BACP and the profession. We might ask you to comment on a news story, take part in an interview or to provide some words for an article or book.

Your participation is always entirely voluntary and we won't pass on your contact details to journalists without your permission. We check out every request and only ask for your input when we're happy the opportunity is right for all involved. If you feel that the subject is outside your area of expertise, or you don't have time, you can decline. We'll support you throughout any work you choose to do.

We welcome members from a range of modalities, specialisms and experience. If you're interested, please see Media spokespeople or email to find out more.

Approached by the media?

We can help and advise you. The press office isn't just for the press and media, we're here to answer any questions members have about talking to the media. We can guide you through the interview process and help you decide what to say, and what not to say.

If you receive an approach from the media, take their details, including a deadline of when they need to speak to you, and say you'll call them back. Then call our press office during office hours on 07766 700417 or email

Media support

If you've an interview planned, you may find our interview guidelines helpful, or we may be able to provide useful information and statistics. Please contact us if you would like to discuss a specific opportunity.

We can also give guidance on working within the Ethical Framework during media interactions.

The production process

Production companies generate hundreds of ideas for television programmes every month. They contact experts in the field to see how successful the programme might be and often make contact with potential contributors to gauge interest.

Production companies often get in touch with us during the initial research stage. They may ask for feedback on ideas, advice on ethical issues and for expert spokespeople. Or they may approach you directly.

If you're approached by a production company, email us at We can talk through your options and offer guidance on how to proceed. If you choose to go ahead, we can support you throughout the process. Letting us know about the approach also means we can get in touch with the programme makers directly to find out more about their plans and how we might be able to help.

Been in the news?

If you've been, or are going to be, featured in the media yourself, let us know. We'd love to hear what you've been involved in and share it, where possible, with other members. Please email us at