Committee members

The Public Protection Committee has a lay Chair and eight appointed members, four of whom are BACP members. It meets up to four times a year.

Committee members are appointed for up to three years, which may be extended for a further three years.

The current committee is:

Lay Chair:
Moira Sibbald

Committee members:
Tamara Abood, BACP Committee Member
Jo Burns, BACP Committee Member
Stacey Goldman, BACP Committee Member
Ewan Malcolm, Lay Committee Member
Philip Matthews, Lay Committee Member
Velia Soames, Lay Committee Member
Mervyn Wynne-Jones, BACP Committee Member

The committee is supported by a team of specialist BACP staff:

Chief Professional Standards Officer:
Fiona Ballantine Dykes

Christina Docchar

Assistant Registrar Entry and Maintenance:
Rebecca Grace

Assistant Registrar Conduct:
John O'Dowd